Edmonton @ Calgary

Time for the real game. :lol:

Hopefully we see some offense in this one.

Little bit of a set back without Reilly

Interesting that Nichols is starting. From what I heard, Reilly's injury wasn't that bad. Are they just being overly cautious because of the short week between games?

After the comments on the Cats/Arghos game.. .you guys better hope Nichols lights it up!

He did seem rather apprehensive when he was out of the pocket, if Calgary gets a lot of heat on him it could be a long game.

Is Reilly dressing though ?

I thought this game started at 4? It's 4:23. :expressionless:

This little tidbit.. changes thing drastically!

Calgary has a great front 4, Edmonton has a mediocre (though improving) Oline, I can see Nichols getting sacked a lot.

4:30. Full pregame for TSN.

I really don’t get how people can’t see the difference between good defense and sloppy play. They don’t have to score 90 points to make it a good game. They just have to do crazy things like not drop easily catchable balls.

I know, expecting receivers at the pro level to make catches is clearly asking too much.

Pretty tough talk from a guy whose team has spent the better part of the last few years abjectly failing.

Did you miss the laughing smiley?

Oh, right. You can hide any kind of asinine comment if you just put a smiley next to it. I near forgot.

Nice try. You look down on struggling teams, but it wasn't so long ago -- last year, in fact -- that your own team was securely in the basement. Smiley face or not, I can feel the condescension.

Figures both of Nichols' losses came against the Stamps. :lol: Time to redeem yourself, buddy. :thup:

Those Calgary helmets are awesome.... the rest of the uni.. not so much!

Some interesting helmets for the Stamps.

Yeah, the helmets don't match the uni. The helmets are stylish while the uni is plain.

The black jersey looks an awful lot like the old one's they used to have.