Edmonton borrows players for Grey Cup run.

Last week's trade to Calgary of Danny Mac, further emphasizes the bogus nature of last years trade/loan with the TiCats. The league stated they would investigate. I've heard nothing. How much control does Hugh Campbell actually have on this league?

This was reported by the league to be fine way, way back. It's in the history books as they say.

.....water under the bridge........if it was evil then karma will sort things out.......

The league did investigate...about 4 months ago. And they gave out a report saying there was nothing done wrong with either team in that trade.

The report written and signed by one Huey Campbell! ha ha ha

nutupfan we gave them KWAME CAVIL for basically notin so guess what YOUR TEAM LOST WE WON


Ha but it is 2006!


yah i meant we were the champs for last year lol


Yah enjoy that tainted Grey Cup! :wink:

In the press release Commissioner Campbell said everything was above the board...LOL

Trades and player movements happen all the time. Thats what "Future Considerations" are all about.

Time to get on with 2006

The Ethics Commissoner is looking into it. :lol:

The funny and very interesting thing is the league said the Esks/Cats trade was okay... but then, during the winter, added a rule to its book, stipulating that "future considerations" can only be a draft pick or a lump sum of money.

Where, Ã? where did they get the idea to precise that detail?

Good one Third…I didn’t realize a change was made…

How did Commisioner Campbell take the change?

I agree, good one Third and I also didn't realize this change. Thanks for this info.

New Player Trade Policy: - Deadline moved up to the 12th week preceding Grey Cup. - Trade-back clause of less than one year will not be allowed. - Future Considerations must comprise of cash and/or draft pick only. - Compliance officers empowered to investigate trades.

I think all of these were inspired by the Hamilton/Edmonton dealings of 2005. So what they are in essence saying is, "This was all perfectly fine...but it's never going to happen again!"

IMO, whatever happened was all prefectcaly legal and acceptable.

if Edmonton had lost, would you guys make such a big stink over it?

.........but that is the whole point KK, the players aquired by the EEs allowed them to further their season........