Edmonton @ BC

Anyone around in BC land who wants to talk about this game?

Could well go a long way in determining who goes East for the crossover.

Does anyone think it's quietly possible that one or both of these teams thinks the best path to the GC comes with being the crossover team? Or does pride and professionalism push them to go all out to secure a West berth?

I see a slight edge to Edmonton here based on their recent play and experience. Probably the two best running teams in Canada. Both defenses are somewhat suspect but I have more concerns about BC's group now than Edmonton.
If both teams want to stay in the West ( and I'm not convinced of this, at least subliminally) I see Edmonton in a close one. But it could be the game of the year.

Not much interest hey?

Well I have interest. A lot of it.

This was a very important game for the Lions.

I thought the D did a good job against Reilly, not letting him get into much of a grove.
Also, Jennings did a good job against a much improved D.

Redemption for that ugly melt down against the Bombers at home.
That could have cost them the semi final home game.

However, 2nd place home field vs the Bombs is still in the grasp.

If the Lions can just beat the low Riders 2 x and the Bombs split vs the Reds , Lions get second.

In the West Final , there is a good chance for a Stamps upset.
The 3 week break is going to hurt them. That is way to much time off.

I live in Calgary yet have been a life long Lions fan.

Serious, I was 4 yrs old when I started watching the CFL.

Anyway, since 2010 I go out to Vancouver 2 or 3 times a year for games.

Stamps or Lions are both my teams.

You are right Brihind88, the Lions did a very good job neutralizing Reilly by controlling the clock and largely taking away Walker and Bowman. I am a bit surprised Edmonton didn't use White in the flats more as that play has been our weakness lately (quick dump or flare passes).

Overall I was very happy with our performance. The biggest difference was the T.O.P. as we had a very big advantage running the ball - Jeremiah Johnson was outstanding. A bit concerned with our pass rush - only 1 sack on Reilly and only 1 tackle from our defensive linemen. We are not a very good blitzing team.

Jennings is an incredibly accurate passer - we are very lucky to have him! Crowd was loud and engaged. I hope the Lions' brass took note.....when there are more fans in the stands, the players feed off that energy!

In a season of many strong performances I thought this was the best the Lions have played. Very smart, great running game and Jennings was terrific. Biiiiig play to cause the fumble on the kick return.
Arcenaux and Burnham were fabulous. Jennings of course too.

Buono is COY in my mind but O'Shea will probably win it. But Buono has totally changed the culture here.

Jamie, if you want some more input, there is 3 pages of posts on the main site.

Yes I see that. I posted several days before the game hoping for some discussion with Lions fans before the game. Not to be.
The in game discussion stuff I am not really into as I just want to watch it. And in reading through it afterward it seemed a bit dominated by complaints by a few and just general play by play. Some enjoy that. Not really my preference.

Just getting used to how things operate here. No problem.


I agree the Aragki play causing the fumble on the kick return was the TSN Turning Point (giving BC a 10 point lead that they never relinquished).

As for COY, hard not to give it to Dickenson. It's a talented Stamps squad, yes, but they've set a CFL record....and he's a rookie coach! 2nd place would likely be O'Shea who has turned the Bomber season around with arguably slightly less talent top to bottom than Wally has in BC. But yes, Wally has really had the ear of the players this year.

COY-Yup you're right ...Dickenson should get it especially if they get to 16-1-1.
He's done a terrific job regardless of the talent level he has inherited. Actually it's more than inherited isn't it?...he helped build it too over the years. He's always been a sharp guy.