Edmonton @ BC

Good call. Didn't look like BC got much of a push.

It's 2 pretty good defenses being helped out by a lot of dropped balls.

3rd down stop by the EE. And to think that the Leos could have gone for the FG but that close to the goal line going for the potential TD is too tempting.

I'm not convinced that either offense actually wants the ball.

Not surprised by that INT. :roll:

Has to get better than those first 3 plays. Especially that head scratching illegal contact. Don't you need contact for there be illegal contact. :roll:

That wasn't a jump ball Cuthbert that was a good old fashion air ball. Horrible throw.

Nichols interception gives the Leos another stab with the ball deep in their own end Throwing into triple coverage is never a good idea.

Thankfully we held them to 3.

Go Lawrence! :rockin:

Great scamper on that missed FG by Lawrence - 80 yds :thup:

I swear, Lawrence always has at LEAST one big play every game :lol:

Do my eyes deceive me? A big play and no flag?

We’ve seen Simpson and McCarty. Where’s Bell?

I thought he was going to take it to the house. Instead instant FP for the EE

Not playing - concussion I think from what I read earlier

No Stafford you can NOT bounce the ball off of the turf and and keep running. This is football - not basketball! :slight_smile:

Shaw FG adds to the lead though. Instead of being tied EE turned that missed FG into 3 points


Curious why BC didn't just take the ball at the 35. Tedford seems to like to gamble a lot.

TD to Stafford! Nice. Stafford is looking nice.

What isn't nice is Dunnigan calling Cuthbert CC. Stupid nickname. Please stop. Like, now. Immediately.

Should have had a nap earlier in the evening. Missed that last EE TD. :oops: :smiley: