Edmonton @ BC

A few hours until kickoff. I might be a few minutes late tuning in because of the debate, which I hope everyone watches. Also, fair warning, I might be a bit riled up. Harper having a debate in August so we forget about his terrible performance by Oct.

But back to football. Let's go, Esks! Let's make it five! :thup:

Oh the debate is already on?

Did not know that.

Go BC! lulay will be on fire. 38-17 BC

The debate should be from 8-10 PM ET. You can catch it on Global, CTV, or cbcnews.ca. I believe CPAC is also carrying it.

I'm so disillusioned by politics I doubt I will even vote. Sure Harper is awful but I'm not convinced that Trudeau and the Liberals will be any better and it will be cold day in hell before I would ever consider voting NDP. I will try to watch the debates with an open mind though.

Football is much more interesting. :smiley:

Looking at this game as a Bomber fan I think I am better off cheering for Edmonton and hoping they run away with first if it means that BC goes the same way as Saskatchewan and leaves us to fight with Calgary for who finishes second and third. That is assuming of course the Bombers don't continue their tradition of giving me some hope early on only to collapse by season's end.

where is everybody??

must be at the blue jays game

Shakir is out D:

Eskimo's need some new road uni's, those are terrible. It's like a crisis between wanting to be a home jersey and being an actual away uni

Back from the debate. Let's go, Esks! :thup:

Watching post debate media scrums. What's the score?

Jays game is over, football is on and I decided not to waste my time listening to Harper spew his nonsense tonight. There will be other debates :roll: ugh!

Meanwhile the Leos are off to their usual fast start and the EE might have caught up if Bowman had been able to hang on to that nice pass - for which he is now kicking himself on the sidelines.

7-0 Lions Sorry that should be 7-3, Bowman dropped a sure TD so the EE went for the FG

Never did like them - too much green. Did see a piece some time in the last week which argued that with colour TV, the league should do away with the white road unis. Only reason I would give for keeping them is that it is easier to quickly ID the home team if tuning in late or unfamiliar with the schedule.

I've never liked the Esks away sweaters since they redesigned them. Their home uniforms are perfectly fine.

Get rid of the stripe down the sides and they would be fine. Trying to hard to be their home uniforms and it ruins it.


Just tuned in for the TD. Nice. Go Esks. :thup:

Simpson is having himself a good night. For all the talent that the Leos have at LB, they are having a hard time stopping the run

They jinxed us with the talk of no penalties haha.

I think this is why we don't have a clear winner yet. Most polls have the parties close. I think after 10 years of divisive ads and propaganda (Economic Action Plan ads), people are becoming cynical. I think Trudeau is trying to change that by engaging people. It's something he's been doing since he was elected.

I'm with you on Mulcair. Unless he does something to really knock my socks off, I'm not voting for a separatist prime minister.

Anyway, if anyone is interested, I started a topic in the Off Topic board. :thup:

EE trying to steal a page from the Ticats ST playbook with that kick. Unfortunately for them it didn't work but the Leos are having a hard time doing anything with the ball anyway. Dumb penalty by EE#90 RTP

Just got home, first three plays I watched...3 flags. :roll: I've already lost interest in this game.