Edmonton @ BC

I vote for Whyte over McCallum… Thoughts?

I see TSN spared no expense for tonight's broadcast. :lol: Oh well, 7-0 for the Esks. :thup:

According to the transaction page at CFL.ca, BC put McCallum on the reserve list on Oct 12. I think a player can't be taken off it until after the next game.

I don’t even wanna know how one dislocates his elbow… :?

Awesome fumble after a great defensive stop… :roll:

He is listed on their 46 man roster... Not sure why they would have listed him as a reserve... dosen't make much sense to me.

Lulay is looking pretty good. He's willing to run, and is making good throws.

Hold the presses: The Lions actually made a creative play! hahaha

McCallum has been money in the bank and one of the few consistent bright sides to BC this this yr

Strange game so far to say the least...

With the injury to Sanchez, a Canadian starter, do they need to put another Canadian in to the 'starting lineup'? If that is indeed the case, they have problems with the injury to Larose and benching of Crawford... They only have Aragki left... :S

Agreed, but clearly Whyte is the future!

There is some kind of eligibility issue with McCallum. They tried to dress him but apparently weren't allowed. Maybe a ratio issue?

Doh, never mind. I saw the post above about the reserve list. Weird.

Ya, I like the kid.

7-7 after the first quarter.
1-1 after the first period.


Whyte was actually 4/4 last week and a couple of those were 40+ yards if I remember correctly.

Might be a double barrelled Edmonton win tonight!

I still don't know how the Lions could have made such a boner with their roster.

How was Edmonton OK with McCallum playing? Hello, playing for a playoff spot!!! :lol:

The lions were dressing 8 starting Non-Imports so it shouldn't be an issue. You only need 7.

Brent Johnson on D-line
4 O-linemen
Paris Jackson
O'Neil Wilson

Looks as if there’s a bigger crowd at this Lions game there was at the last Raider game (32,000!)

Okay... thanks.

No worries!
Wow what a play from Yonus Davis!

Gotta love Edmonton's D. One step forward, two steps back. :roll: