Edmonton @ BC

I'm starting to agree with the person who was complaining about the 10 PM start. I had a long day today, and I'm starting to fall asleep. This game needs to start pronto! :lol: I'm gonna be cashing out by halftime. :lol:

If I don't make it to kickoff, Go Esks! :smiley:

you may not have to worry about making it to half time.. :rockin:

Damn. The Oilers also start at 10. :lol:

Um... why the hell are they doing a piece on Cates and the Riders when it's the Esks and Lions who are playing tonight??? :expressionless:

I think cause it's a talk about all games this weekend, not just the Edm vs B.C. Game.

I think I'm gonna have to split screen this and the hockey game lol

Just saw the replay of Printers slamming his helmet and chewing out his teammate.Wow. He really is a toolbag. :roll:

"Wally Bono" - Milt Stegall

Wally's last name isn't seriously pronounced "Bohno," is it? That ain't how I've been saying it. :lol:

Another night with Rod Black..great

Place your bids, folks. How many times does Black mention Printers? :lol:

Okay, what’s the deal with McCallum?
Why exactly can’t he play?

I missed the first couple minutes. What exactly is the issue with McCallum?

I guess the Lions figured they were too good for the Esks so they spotted them a kicker!

McCallum can't play tonight? Well if that's the case, EE is prob the best team to play with that deal

Why does the TSN feed always crap out when in BC?

I think it has to do with the temporary stadium, but I've noticed it as well.
It's annoying as hell.

It craps out a lot regardless of location!

Jeeesus! That was a helluva run by Ray. The Esks need to call more run plays for him. Not a bad throw to Stamps. I thought #6 was gonna tip it.

How does a pro football team not know who they scratched for a game?
LOL, I'm still confused.