Edmonton-B.C. Game thread (July 6, 10:30 PM ET, TSN)

Game is on now...

Game stats and play-by-play tracker for tonight's game is provided at http://liveplay.cflcentral.com/LPFiles/ ... board.html .

3-0 Edmonton, 4:00 left, 1st quarter

Russ, is this the “official” thread? lol

This Game will Finish around 1:30 -2AM EST

Going to be a long Night

Well, I didn't see another one LOL :wink:

Another pick of Ray...BC is in good position

3-3 at the moment (2nd quarter, 12:30 left)

6-3 BC, with a Borehamesque short FG by McCallum...

This Wendys ad' is Dumbest Add I have Seen.
Ever. I like the Burger but the add is Awfull

BC Should win the game Easy

6-6 tie (Fleming FG)

What a Boring game so far.. :expressionless:

another Field Goal by BC 9-6

Miles Blocks another 1 .
Gearld Vaughn is 1 ahead of him for all time leader

Finally TD with 16.8 Seconds left
Joe Smith.. Pounds it in from the one

Not boring from what ive seen some good catches good hits and blocked kick to and its just half time

Field Goals are Boring ..
It nice to Finaly see a TD.

I expect BC to pull way ahead in the 2nd half.

McCallum with the shankkkkkkkkkkk....

Most likely to happen..