Edmonton at Winnipeg GDT

Hi folks! Just got in from shopping, so the game has been on for a good while. It's 13-8 Edmonton, third quarter.

WInnipeg has inched ahead 14-13, third quarter.

14-13 Bombers, end of three quarters,

Winnipeg is down 21-20 after a missed conversion by Hajrullahu. He has also missed three FGs today, so the fans are out for blood.

And miss #4 -- two uprights no less!

It's been a tough night for Hajrullahu and now they are counting on him to win it with a FG - maybe. And he makes it!!! :smiley: Still time for the EE to move down the field unless the BB D can hold them.

Hajrullahu FINALLY hits a FG from 40+ to put the Bombers ahead, then the Esks have Sean Whyte nail one from 53 yards with no time left to win...WOW!

Final: Edmonton 24, Winnipeg 23. A game summary can be found at http://cfl.ca/article/clutch-kicking-la ... er-bombers .

Oski Wee Wee,