Edmonton at Toronto Game Thread Friday, October 6, 2023

Don’t see a game thread so…

Edmonton gets a sack right off the bat

And Toronto up 7-0 on their second possession.

Shat, forgot it was an early start!

So did Edmonton I think.

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Jon, how do you feel about the 4K channel being all white?

Toronto has been very tough to beat. Sure helps that they usually start close to mid-field on many of their drives but their opponents often start around their own 30 yd line.

Would love to see the Elks give them a run for their money tonight although I doubt they can pull off the upset.

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Not great. I have no idea what TSN is doing. Most games early this year were in 4k. Then only some and then until recently most games again. Then for a week or two we get the white screen. What gives? Is broadcasting in 4k an expensive thing to do? I don’t know. It still frustrates me. Games are so much better in 4k.


When they 1st brought in HD I noticed it for sure, but now I don’t know anymore…maybe everything is just a little blury now?

Agreed and I was hoping the game would be competitive as well. Toronto dominated the first quarter and Edmonton got nothing out of an early sack and a Kelly fumble. Still 3/4 to go but Edmonton needs to get going.

My eyes aren’t as good as they used to be for sure but I do notice an improvement in viewing the details in 4k. Also especially for hockey where I find it easier to follow the puck.

Looks like the EE offense is starting to roll. That huge pass from Ford to Cobb got them well down the fields in one play. Got close enough to try a Faithfull FG.

Toronto leads 10-4 half way through the second Quarter

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It was kinda neat to see the Rocket back in Toronto and watch the replay of his Grey Cup kick return. He sure likes to talk though and the interview as always shouldn’t have been done over game play.

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At some point the TSN crew will realize there’s a football game going on between interviews and fluff…

Oulette hurting…

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My guess is that he will be done for the night.

Probably why hes stomping around with that look on his face…they told him hes done for the night.

That was Mark Mclaurin that nearly caught Leak from behind.

Man they just can’t stop Leake, even when it looks like they gave him cornered.

Looks like a quick Toronto TD coming up.

…and there it is.

Is Micky Donovan still trying to scam Ray?

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Loved that show.

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