Edmonton at Saskatchewan, Sat. Oct. 12, 4:30 pm et, TSN

Sat October 12
Edmonton at Saskatchewan

What do you think?

If esk keep with in 20 points they will be doing good.

Gang Green by a ton!! Sask.-42.....Edm.-17

Seems awfully quiet at Mosaic as Esks put together a drive ending in a Grant Shaw FG.

Nice that they honoured Simon as all time receptions leader before the game. :slight_smile:

TD Dressler for the gang green 7-3 early in the second frame.

my only hope in this game is that edmonton keeps sheets rushing numbers down

They do seem to be doing that. In fact this is mainly a defensive battle especially in the 3rd - no scores for the green - only a FG and freakly safety off that impossibly high snap for the Esks. Unless something changes drastically in the fourth this will certainly NOT be a blowout!

Sewell down for the Esks,doesn't look good,head to head shot on punt return,clean hit,been down for over 10 minutes,every player on field both teams,checking it out,being stretchered out,hopefully all is OK with Sewell,movement in fingers,good sign.14-9 Riders going into 4th,could be an upset brewing,Esks can win this game,closer than many predicted.

That was a BAD hit. They certainly did take time and care in moving him which is good.

Riders finally moving the ball here and threatening to score

Stuffed on 3rd and goal!!!! fake punt Esks!!!! Pulling out all the stops,nothing to lose,playing loosey goosey,they might just steal this one from the Greenies.

Close but no cigar for the Esks who got stuffed themselves on 3rd and goal practically on the goal line. :frowning: A valiant effort nonetheless and kept the green fans wondering! 14-9 greenies final score!

Riders didn't deserve to win this one. They only did because Edmonton couldn't execute a couple of key plays.

I hope the Riders lose all their games for 10 years. Maybe 20.

West is CAL and everyone else. Supposed superstar Durant looked pretty average.

Greenies won,but not very impressive,good effort from the Eskies....2013 hard luck team of the year.

Barnburner of a game. :roll:

Cold. Uninspired. Humourless.

Much like today's workplaces...... and SkyDome.

O-O-O, don't listen to 'em! Not only do you have the most clever nickname here, those gameday thread titles were a scream!