Edmonton at Montreal

Finley please. Maybe another body would encourage a 4 man D-Line.

As per the Als depth chart, added to the active roster are/were:

Eric Deslauriers
Mike Edem
Kyries Hebert
Aaron Lavarias
Tyrell Sutton
Jerod Zaleski

Earlier in the week, Tanner Marsh and Anthony Coady were added.

A total of 8 changes, since last game.

Removed from the active roster,to injury lists are/were;

Scott Ackie. 1 game.
Jerald Brown. 1 game.
Michael Sam. 1 game.
Andrew Lue. 6 games.

Earlier in the week, Anthony Boone, Mikhail Davidson and Darrin Kitchens were transferred from active roster to practice roster; Sean Whyte was released.


I hope for the best for Deslauriers (he has always seemed to be a good guy and any success is good for the Als) but trying to be objective I fail to see the value. One of those times that I hope to be proven badly wrong.

Oh lord. Eric "The Decoy" Deslauriers draws back in. :roll: :roll:

And for those who think Schonert is a straight shooter, check out Herb's piece today in which he blames all the offensive struggles on Cato not making his reads and says we should have had 500 yards and 40 points against Ottawa. I think he's exactly like Higgins: only concerned with deflecting blame from himself. Basically full of crap.


Does this mean that Heffney is playing? Please say he" s not, please!

Yes, Hefney is on the 46 player active roster, but it does not mean that he will play/dress. 2 players,1 Nat. and 1 Int. will be he healthy scratches. The 1 Nat. should be Jerod Zaleski or Jean-Samuel Blanc; the 1 Int.should be John Bowman or Jonathan Hefney or Terry Johnson. Personally, I say Zaleski and Bowman.


Just when you think things can't get worse, Deslauriers happens… What's the over under on Deslauriers deflecting 2 catchable passes into enemy hands against Edmonton?

Well, Jack, Herb went after the prevent defense story, and here it is: http://montrealgazette.com/sports/footb ... ir-defence

According to Thorpe, Higgins, Brouillette, and the rest, nothing's wrong with the scheme. Everything's fine. You have to mix it up. We went three-man front based on what Ottawa was giving us. Blah blah blah. :roll: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I just lost a huge amount of respect for Noel Thorpe. For him to rationalize that garbage prevent defense a week after the fact, instead of manning up and admitting that he called a terrible game, reeks of CYA and professional dishonesty. Why are these coaches so reluctant to own up when they mess up? Let's say a receiver has a bad game -- he has a few critical drops, doesn't get open, finishes the night only a few catches, maybe takes a selfish penalty at a bad time. Are we going to sit around pretending he wasn't the problem? Of course not. Rakeem Cato, a rookie at age 23, already has more pro integrity and honesty than his own coaches. He knows he has to play better and he accepts responsibility for his interceptions. But his coaches? Holy moly. Apparently they can do no wrong. They never have bad games, call the wrong play, or make poor decisions that prove costly to the team.

I find it very interesting that the only player to defend this prevent BS is Brouillette, the lawyer / company shill. Ask those players on the defensive line if they think these schemes are affective. Ask Chip Cox and the rest of the linebackers. Ask the corners and halfbacks being asked to cover receivers for a year and a day because there is no pass rush.

Four of the Als players eligible to come off the 6 game injured list were extended for another 6; they are:

Nat. DL Jeffrey Finley.
Int. WR/KR Mardy Gilyard.
Nat. WR Kyle Graves.
Nat. OL Ryan White

A fifth one, Int. WR/KR James Rodgers, was extended for 1 game.


You need to dress both Hefney and Johnson, otherwise no real backup if a DB goes down. To me the National sitting out will be either Bowman or Hebert.

Well Hebert is tweeting that he is playing tonight, so it might be Bowman sitting. Unless Im missing something, thats just crazy. I don`t think he punched out Cato.

Cox hates the media :wink:

But yes the Als have their PR guys in the dressing room.... French Media: Jourdain and Brouillette, English media Bourke and Perrett. They've always chosen who speaks for the team. Reporters walk right into it because most are lazy.

That's true, but he's been vocal in the past. Herb has gone to him many times over the years for quotes and he has been refreshingly honest.

But yes the Als have their PR guys in the dressing room.... French Media: Jourdain and Brouillette, English media Bourke and Perrett. They've always chosen who speaks for the team. Reporters walk right into it because most are lazy.
To me, if you're going to write a story about a team's pass rush, you should talk to at least one defensive lineman.

I now wonder if RB Tyrell Sutton could be the Int. healthy scratch; to me, it makes more sense than sitting Bowman or Johnson or Hefney. If it is Bowman,there are only 2 Int. DE's playing; if Johnson or Hefney, only 4 Int. DB's playing. If 2 Int. RB's dress, 1 will most probably play on only a few occasions.

Now my 2 healthy scratches are: Nat. Jerod Zaleski and Int. Tyrell Sutton.


Dressing Sutton, Rutley and Logan when you run the ball 10 to 12 times a game does not make much sense to me either. :lol:

Not dressing Sutton makes the most sense to me also.

From CFL Games Notes: A look at week 8.

"On a per game basis, Montreal has run the ball more times than any other CFL club. (21.3 times per game.)

Yes, I know, not only the RB's have ran the ball.


I don't count fly sweeps by Gigi and Stamps either. :wink:

Its about balance. Tedford has won two come from behind games so far this season by staying balanced. You keep running the ball at some point your going to break any defense. You have to believe in your game plan.

And it's not just how often you run but when you run, too. Abandoning the run for a whole half of football is ruinous to winning time of possession and scoring points.