Edmonton at Montreal

True, but even so, at some point, you are what your record says you are. Six games in and the team is still self-destructing from the same combination of mistakes from players and coaches. That's a full third of the season pi$$ed away because of self-inflicted wounds. The next four games will show me where this team is at. They need to play .500 ball at minimum if we're to have any chance of making the playoffs. If they go 1-3 or 0-4, it's game over for the team and probably for Higgins and co. as well.

My offensive expectations:

  • at least 350 yards of net offense
  • at least 20 touches for the running back
  • at least 23 points scored with a minimum of two majors
  • 1 or fewer turnovers
  • better execution in short-yardage situations
  • better game management from Higgins (clock management, challenges, timeouts)

My defensive expectations:

  • no more than 20 points and 250 passing yards allowed
  • no objectionable conduct penalties
  • no three-man rush / more blitz
  • better performance and playcalling in second and long situations

My ST expectations:

  • no big plays given up (blocked punt, fumble, kick-return TD, etc.)
  • break even on field position battle at minimum

That's very reasonable and should be the minimum standard for this team.

Right? It's pretty much going to be my standard going forward and it's not unreasonable at all IMO. If we can't expect this level of performance most games, then this is neither a competitive team nor a playoff-bound team and big changes are needed.

I hope not, but you may well be right. Popp said on the radio that this rush-3 D is not getting pressure, and he's back in town now, so you have to think that Thorpe would have been told to ditch that prevent crap, grow a pair, and start sending pressure again. Edmonton is a better team than we are (duh) but this is the right time to play them: they're on the road and missing their starting QB and top receiver. If we can't win this game, we don't deserve to make the playoffs, and we probably won't...

According to Journal de Montreal, both Michael Sam and Jerald Brown will de transferred from active roster to 1 game injured list. Assuming that Andrew Lue will also go on the injured list-I anticipate 6 games- this means that 5 places/spots are available on active roster. Who will be added? I presume Aaron Lavarias, Kyries Hebert, Eric Deslauriers, Tyrell Sutton and 1 more. Nat. or Int? 1 amongst James Rodgers, Cliff Coleman, B.J. Cunningham, Jerod Zaleski, Jeffrey Finley, Mike Edem,Jacob Ruby? Could be 1 not amongst these 7.


I'd give that spot to Edem or Finley.

I have no idea why they would add Eric Deslauriers (not saying they won’t) on the active roster at this point. Do we need to make this team even older ???

Just for the record, Jim Popp not in town, at NFL camps.

I suspect when they said this week. He is probably going to be in Montreal by the end of the week to see the game and meet with his staff.

Edmonton is currently the best defensive team in the CFL, in terms of gross yards allowed,i.e. 304 per game, and in points allowed,i.e. an average of only 15 points a game. In the gross yards allowed,Edmonton ranks first against the pass,i.e. 223 yards a game and second against the run.i.e. 81 yards a game. In comparison, Montreal ranks seventh against the pass or 290 yards a game and fourth against the run or 90 yards a game.

Offensively, while Montreal ranks fifth in gross yards gained,i.e. an average of 362 yards per game, Edmonton ranks seventh with an average of 354 yards per game. In terms of points scored, Edmonton has done much better; hence, an average of 27.5 points a game to 21.7 for Montreal.

While I seriously doubt that Montreal offence will have at least 350 NET yards,etc.etc. ,for me what matters the most is that Montreal scores 1 more point than Edmonton.


If you want to use stats Richard, you have to apply them properly and analyze them properly.

Edmonton on the ROAD is allowing 21.3 points a game. (26,12,26)
Edmonton on the ROAD is allowing 372 yards a game on the road.

Montreal has no excuse not to win its home game against Edmonton IMO.

Asking for 23 points and 350 yards is very fair.

Once upon a time when I was an inquisitive young man, I wrote (with an actual pen and paper) to Dick Vermeil ,and he sent me a chart which I still have somewhere that listed the 10 or so most important stats that generally determine the winning team. One of course was turnovers, but another one that sticks in my mind was average yards per pass attempt (not completion).

In any case, what matters most for me is seeing MORE THAN 3 BODIES ON THE DEFENSIVE LINE OF SCRIMMAGE!

That's very interesting. YPPA would tell you many things about what a QB was seeing and how he felt behind his line, it also would not take into accounts drops that are not always on the QB. That's pretty cool that he would have read your letter and taken the time to share that kind of knowledge. :thup:

I would like to know, HxfTC,what's wrong with the stats that I used? I just gave the numbers,particularly defensive, after 6 games played by Edmonton and Montreal. I did not make a difference between at home or on the road.

When media and fans are saying that Edmonton has the best defence, they don't start to analyze numbers at home or on the road; they take the numbers as of now/as a whole.

While I would like the Als to gain many yards and win, I still think that it will be difficult to NET 350 yards on offence against Edmonton; so far, after 3 games at home, they averaged 304 gross yards and 20 points a game.


There is nothing wrong Richard. They just don't apply to way you put them forward. Edmonton's overall stats the way you present them do not give a correct representation of the team that is showing up in Montreal tomorrow night. Two teams have put 26 points on them in their 3 road games and the the game where they allowed 12 was played in a MONSOON :lol: To the point that it should be discarded when looking at the performance of their defense on the road. I could even add that one of those road games they played in Northern Alberta at the very least considered neutral ground.

Edmonton has been dominant at home and above average on the road but compared to Hamilton's performance on the road.

Just a look at the team standings spells trouble for our team. Als have 2 wins, others in the East have 4 wins. The figures re points scored and points against is also revealing. With respect to PF, the Als are dead last in the total CFL with 130. All the other teams have outscored the Als. With respect to defense, the team ranks better. Of the 9 teams Edmonton is first with only 89 points against, Hamilton is second with 114 PA, the Als are third with 120 PA. To generalize, the stats indicate the Als offense is the worst in the CFL and, our defense is third best after Edmonton and Hamilton. The team will have to replicate last season's second half point success to make the playoffs.
There has been loads of fan criticism of our defense lately yet, the team standings give some indication that we rank third place in the CFL with respect to PA. I was surprised that we have the least points scored in the entire CFL. Even with our new QB, whom we all agree is better than any of the QBs last season, we have have the least scoring in the entire CFL. This was quite perplexing to me as I examined the ranking stats. Are we really worse than Winnipeg and Ottawa with respect to scoring points? Do we have a decent chance to beat the ESKS tomorrow?
Reference: Toronto Star.

From Kirk Penton`s must read weekly CFL Blitz column today, this explains some of the Als offensive problems:

14 – Drives the Alouettes have started in opposing territory

1 – Touchdowns the Alouettes have scored on those drives