Edmonton at Montreal

Adding to the releases of Collins, Roy and Whyte,the Als have,as per today’s CFL transactions,:

Added to active roster:

Nat. DB Anthony Coady. From practice roster.
Int. QB Tanner Marsh. From 6 game injured list.

Deleted from active roster,to practice roster:

Int. QB Anthony Boone.
Nat. Wr Mikhail Davidson.
Int. LB Darrin Kitchens.


With today's moves, there are two opened spots/places on the active roster. Who will be added? I still expect that an Int. DB will be released from active roster. Will Tyrell sutton play?

Presently, I expect Aaron Lavarias,Kyries Hebert and Eric Deslauriers to be added to active roster.


I know you are predicting moves, not advocating them, but what logic is there in adding Deslauriers?

Agreed, GHT. Charette's done just fine I think.

If Eric Deslauriers is added to the active roster, it won't be to replace Nat. WR Alex Chartette but Nat. WR Mikhail Davidson,who today was transferred to the practice roster.

A team needs so many WR's on it's roster; since there are only 3 Int. WR's on the active roster, it does make sense to add a Nat.WR/SB, especially since Davidson is now on the practice roster.


Herb wrote that Int. DB Terry Johnson was practicing with the first defensive unit today, in place of Jonathan Hefney. Jerald Brown was practicing with scout unit. Presently, there are 11 DB's on the active roster; definitely 1 or 2 too many. I definitely expect moves in the next two days; 1 could be released or 1 or 2 added to 1 game injured list. These moves could involve Jonathan Hefney and Jerald Brown.

With regards to John Bowman, I expect him to remain on the active roster or added to 1 game injury list, for now.

Should Tyrell Sutton be added to the active roster, 1 more player will have to come off the active roster.


On The Snap,Herb wrote that Int. QB Jonathan Crompton was having an MRI taken today on his injured limb. It's believed that his injury is serious and he could be placed back on the six-game injured list,after Thursday's game.

Nat DB Andrew Lue suffered a fracture bone on his game against the REDBLACKS.I presume that he will be transferred to injury list.-1 game or 6-. I now understand better why Nat. DB Anthony Coady was removed from practice roster and signed to the active roster.

With the injury to Andrew, an additional place will be available on the active roster.-would be at 3- Aaron Lavarias,Kyries Hebert and Eric Deslauriers could fill these places. Should Tyrell Sutton be added to the active roster,then 1 player will have to be removed from active roster. I say Hefney-released- or Brown.-injury list-


So it comes to this: we released a perfectly good player (Tisdale) in favor of an older player (Hefney) who cost us at least one game because of a selfish penalty and who is now in danger of losing his job to a rookie because of performance. And we are now on the verge of demoting our star defensive end after releasing a DE who'd had a great camp (Carter) and who could have added value to the line right now. :roll:

Tell me again what a great coach Tom Higgins is. Is this how a well-run team should operate? Jim Popp certainly deserves his share of criticism, but he's not the one making unaccountable personnel decisions on game day, turning the ball over, taking penalties, or choosing to rush three and drop everyone else into zone. This is Tom Higgins's team and it is a mess. That's on Higgins. He has to wear it.

Schonert showing he's cut from the same cloth as Higgins:

[i]Un point positif est l'efficacité du jeu au sol. L'attaque terrestre des Alouettes se classe au troisième rang de LCF. Malgré une excellente performance du demi à l'attaque, Brandon Rutley en première demie, le coordonnateur offensif, Turk Schonert n'a inexplicablement sélectionné que trois courses avec Rutley lors de deuxième demie.

« Tout le monde regarde cette statistique. Nous devons mieux exécuter. Si nous avions 500 verges, 40 points et la victoire, personne ne demanderait pourquoi on n'a pas couru en deuxième demie », se défend-t-il.[/i]

No, Turk, people would still be asking, because they want to know why you decided to abandon a run game that was working effectively in the first half in order to pass, pass, pass. But like his head coach, he's not taking any responsibility for the offense. It's a pretty sweet setup. When the offense succeeds, Schonert came up with a great game plan. When they don't succeed, the players need to execute. :roll:

Also, if you gain 500 net yards on the game, you sure as shiat aren't running only 3 times in the second half. :lol:

I have liked Rutley's play since the end of last season especially in the BC semi final. He is now showing his strength and I would go with him if not, with Sutton as the 2 back system was operate last season. I believe Rutley is the better at receiving especially out of the backfield, and he is now showing power. One of you mentioned that the Als are getting older, could be appropriate as Bowman, Brown, Parker, Hefney have been in play for several years and, I believe it is the defense that is most demonstrating weakness presently. Even in a loss Cato has thrown 300+ yards and, represents the present and our future. What a great find. Even in losing he threw 300+ yards and, demonstrated his running too. Stamps and Lewis both fit into the category of getting older. I would like to have Marsh take over Bridges duties, which should improve the 3 and one situations. Matt Nichols is filling in well at QB- ESKS are a good team and, we require better defense planning.

This was taken out of context. If you go watch the video interview. The first thing he admits is how he needs to grasp the Canadian game better. I like the guy, he seems like a straight shooter but how can he make the same mistakes in both Ottawa games ! and lose the lead in both games for the same reasons... Between his rookie and Cato's rookie mistakes. Its killing drives. Again last game Bridge choked on a short yardage sneak... Seeing the same mistakes over and over again is very frustrating. Your beating them up running the ball and with the screen game. What's wrong with that ? Keep doing it.

That's good to know. But it is frustrating to see the same mistakes over and over again. He's certainly not a quick study...

From Herb's piece today: "Noel Thorpe, the team’s defensive coordinator, has said all personnel decisions are made by the head coach. And Higgins, of course, won’t declare his roster prematurely. So there’s no way of knowing what has factored into the equation."

So let me get this straight. This vacuous corporate head coach, who isn't actually involved in running either the offense or the defense, still decides who dresses on game day? Wow. Dysfunction doesn't even begin to describe it. If he scratches Bowman in favor of Lavarias, he is insane, and we will get torched by Edmonton. Yes, John isn't having his best season, but he is still the best DE on this team. His absence means someone else (likely Knapton) is going to face the double-teams and the pressure. Lavarias is a solid enough rotation guy but he's not a game-breaker and he's not going to have much of an impact off the edge.

Instead of making an example of John Bowman, a hard-working, loyal veteran who has played his tail off for the club, why don't we bench Thorpe's BS prevent defense for a game? Leave that 3-man front at the curb and start sending heat again.

As I wrote before, John Bowman is not having a great season,so far; I have no problem if he is replaced by Aaron Lavarias, who is as good. Where I would have a problem is if Michael Sam was playing and John be a healthy scratch. Yesterday, Herb wrote that Sam was limping; if so, he will be added to 1 game injured list. John will be a healthy scratch if Tyrell Sutton plays. The other healthy scratch should be Jerald Brown.

Jim Popp has the final say regarding players decisions. Since John Bowman is well paid, Jim has probably asked that other players should be playing/tried; if ever the experience is positive, I would not be surprised if John is released before game 9. Jim Popp is the one who decided to release Geoff Tisdale-I had no- and still don't have- problem with his release and keep Jonathan Hefney. Jerald Brown could also be released,before game 9. If the Als keep losing, Jim will definitely release some veterans,sooner than later.


Without watching film we dont really know what kind of season Bowman is having, but lets say he`s not having a great season. Is Lavarias really better? And is Bowman being judged on a 3 man rush? And is he battling some kind of chronic injury? He seems to go down every game but then quickly comes back.

Herb was too busy the last couple of days unsuccessfully trying to get Bowman and Brown to dish dirt on the team, instead of asking Thorpe the obvious question of what`s with the 3 man rush.

As for Tisdale/Hefney I remember Popp saying it was a coaching decision meaning Thorpe. Weve seen the Hefney mistakes, but that doesnt mean Tisdale would have been better with the new rules.

Tisdale was not signed as soon as he was released,by another team. Saskatchewan did sign him,after 3 games, I think, because of injuries. He's had defensive penalty/ies in each game, including 2 against Toronto, last Saturday.

Sam was/is also a Jim Popp decision.


Sam is a Popp/Weightman/Wetenhall decision. If he succeeds not much will be said. But if he fails everyone will get a kick out of hammering the team. That`s the way it goes.

In any case Herb says he`s on the one game with a back injury, and both Herb and Rick Moffat say Bowman will be playing afterall. One can only imagine Sam dressing and not Bowman.

This is a must-win game for us now. We're 2-4; if we drop this game to go to 2-5, we're likely at 2-7 in a few weeks, since our next games are in BC, where we never, ever win, and in Hamilton, where the Cats have yet to lose a game.

We've given ourselves no leeway with our home games. Edmonton is missing its starting QB and top receiver; we're playing at home; and we're missing no one of consequence. I want to see solid performances in all three phases of the game. NO EXCUSES. We're entering the second third of the season, and we need to put together some wins if we want to stay in the playoff race.

For the most part the Als are beating themselves. Last week Ottawa was short Chris Williams... So until the Als stop beating themselves with turnovers they are 1-14. Penalties wiping out drives and scores and poor strategies by the coaching staff, it really does not matter much who the opponent is.