Edmonton at Montreal-2018-07-26

Presently, there are 4 QB's on active roster. I expect that Drew Willy will be added to injured list, -1 game or 6-leaving Vernon Adams JR.,Johnny Manziel and Matthew Shiltz on active roster.


Anyone buy a Manziel jersey yet? :stuck_out_tongue:

At $200, might be a good idea to have his name plate on Velcro.
That way if it does not work out another name can be easily added.

They may not cut anyone, Adams contract is up at the end of this year, I can see him being in demand for that new Alliance Football thing.

TSN690 had Kavis on this morning and he mentioned it was preferable to have 3 QBs with similar skill sets, which I took to mean mobile ... so I expect Willy to go on 6-game (for cap management reasons) and then possibly get cut; Matthews might stay on as a veteran mentor (seems like a future coach type).

Okay, what can we expect to realistically see from Manziel in Thursday's game? It is impossible for him too start. It would in fact be foolish to make him start with 3 days practice to learn the offense!

At most, he might get a few snaps with a small package of plays.

The big question is, will he start on August 3rd against the Ticats? 2 weeks isn't a lot of time to learn the playbook and build timing with his receivers. That's about 6-7 short practices.

Starting Johnny Manziel would be indicative of marketing desperation on the Als’ part. The Eskimos’ defence must already be salivating at the thought.


A couple of series at most, with their most vanilla (standard) plays and perhaps some option stuff.

Finally some common sense! Kavis basically answered, Manziel, Shiltz and Adams are going to stay, the two pylons not so much.

And gets run over by his own linesmen and is out for the rest of the season...

It makes sense.

For the fun of it, Johnny Googled Johnny Manziel in images for the last 24 hours. There are no pictures of Manziel in an Alouettes practice uniform yet.

Any photos of him at Chez Paree or Solid Gold?

LOL, That's nasty Sheldon! :slight_smile:

Don't think they let cameras inside, and cellphones likley get stomped if a flash goes off.

Herb Zurkowsky says the Als have acquired Adarius Bowman for a draft pick.

Heres an update, its an 8th rounder.

Bowman has been the Bombers version of Ernest Jackson this season, rarely thrown to, and drops when he was targeted. But he is a savvy veteran so nothing to lose trying him.

Richard can tell us if we can afford him.

Bowman is nearing the end of his career. Not exactly sure what the point is.

Herb Zurkowskysays Jermaine Robinson has returned.

Hopefully to replace Ernest (Lack of Action) Jackson, and not a youngster.

Agreed. Better days are behind him.

Kavis is on fire!