Edmonton at Hamilton GT, Sat. Sept. 19, 4 pm ET, TSN

Edmonton Eskimos vs Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Sat 4PM ET / 1PM PT on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5

The "Grey Cup preview" hype around this game has begun! It's too early for that, but it should provide another barometer of where each club is against a key rival.

Oski Wee Wee,


I just woke from a nap where I had a dream that the Ticats won their next game 50-15, we had three defensive TD's in the game. The Opponent was the Toronto Argonauts!

Oskie Wee Wee Tomorrow guys :rockin:

I certainly would like Hamilton to pound Edmonton real good,
Eskies - 9
Cats - 36

You think the Eskies are going to score 9?!?

This is a much better offence they are facing this time around. They are confident, they were not back in Aug in game one.

I'm thinking a lower scoring game with tight defensive play but it could also be a bit of a shoot out. Either way, I don't expect either team to be "blowing out" the other team.

I think the only blowing out that's going to happen is from players out of the stadium from the wind that is being forecast....

Should be another great game at Tim Horton's Field in Hamilton to another Sell Out.

I'm sure Edmonton will be looking for a better performance out of their team in this game compared to the first lopsided loss against the Cats but they better bring their "A" game because THF is a tough place to win.

Both teams are playing good football this year and this should be a good match up but the Ti-Cats on the winning end!!


I was joking I did the same last game vs Toronto when TF posted a score. Figured why not make it a ritual. :wink:

EDM is ranked 3rd in offence I believe so yah it'll be a high scoring game, depending on the wind Evil has mentioned.

Heavy wind in the forecast means we just might see the onside punt again if we get to 3rd down just over mid-field going into it. I LOVE that play call. Absolutely brilliant; spectacularly hard on the return man.

These are the two teams that will be playing again Nov 29th! :thup: we will win both !

I don’t know exactly why. but I really do not like Schmoes Head Coach Chris Jones
Maybe it’s just because he is an arrogant and rude DICKWAD!


Guess we'll see if Jones' "favourite son" Lacey chooses to stare down Zach during the coin toss instead of shaking hands or if he reserves that "special treatment" only for his provincial rival! :roll: Won'r have any affect on Zach!

Banks is due for a bid TD today.

Environment Canada forecast for game time:

16:00 Temp: 19 Chance of showers Low Winds: NW 40 gust 60
17:00 Temp: 17 Chance of showers Low Winds: NW 40 gust 60
18:00 Temp: 16 Chance of showers Low Winds: NW 40 gust 60
19:00 Temp: 14 Chance of showers Low Winds: NW 40 gust 60

Likelihood of Precipitation (LOP) as described in the public forecast as a chance of measurable precipitation for a period of time.

Low: 40% or below


Weather: Down to 20% precipitation aft 5pm ! Clearing up ,partly cloudy :thup:

After last night with Chris Rainey running a kickoff and punt back, Banks isn't about to be shown up.

He will bring it today

If he watched any of the BC/Edmonton game last night, he'll be inspired to keep up to Rainey who has had three returns in the last two games. Banks rep as the premier returner is on the line!!!! :o :wink:

Last time there was a "low chance" of rain, they had a storm delay!!! (home opener). :lol:

Seriously, I hope for the sake of the fans gathered and ALL the teams (including the game after) that the rain has moved off by game time. Reilly certainly had no problem tossing the ball around last week in heavy rain and wind. The wet stuff seems to have departed from Central Ontario now (late morning) and there are glimmers of sunshine, so I'll try to send some Hamilton way! :smiley:

here is a stat that shows we need to score

Hamilton is 8-0 when scoring 30 or more points, and 0-3 when they do not.

I'm thinking that the Eskimos might just get that sinking feeling today at THF. :thup: :slight_smile:

Willis was once the Mayor of Staggerville but know he's just the leader of the...........