Edmonton at Fort McMurray Evil Incarnate, Sat. June 27, 5 pm

Edmonton at Fort McMKurray, I mean Toronto...
Sat. June 27
5 pm et / 2pm et
TSN 1/3/4/5

Some would have you believe that the centre of the sporting universe will actually be in bubbling crude on Saturday, but it's only going to be the Boatmen in Northern Alberta having a "home" game. Edmonton has played a preseason game in Fort McMurray already. Toronto is be challenged in a hostile environment in their initial game. It will be interesting.

Oski Wee Wee,


Yep that it will. Hardly a "home field" advantage. Will be on the road in Northern Ontario and will miss this one. Will have to content myself with reading about how much the EE sink the Boatmen! :smiley:

Will that mean that Ricky Ray, the 2ouche, Durie, et al will FINALLY be fossilized?

Interesting field.


Hi folks!


That is nice

Safety. 2-0 the bad guys

Lol. Owens

Now that's how you make them pay for turnovers.

8-3 for the not so bad guys
Oops spoke too soon lol

7-3 ep fail :roll:

First Watters misses a FG, then the 2ouche fumbles a punt and EDM recovers, and Reilly throws a TD on the next play.

Missed convert, and we have (I think) the first Rouge of a missed PAT in the CFL this year. 7-3 EDM.

Chad Owens....now theres a player thats overrated...

Horrible sized crowd. Looks like the Skydome.

That TD is EXACTLY why the OPI challenge should NEVER have been removed...

WTF happened to Watters? Just watched Stala miss a FG attempt...

We won, we won.
All kidding aside, it looked pathetic on TV the half empty stadium.
There is no way the league can go back to this outpost fiasco.

Wow - you are right. A great win by the Argos. If I was to do the Week 1 Power Ratings right now they would have to be Number 1

As for a game in Ft McMurray, that was pathetic almost as bad as Quebec City. Let's hope that this is the end for games outside of CFL cities.

A game was played in the same province as the Eskimos, many many many many more miles and two provinces from Toronto.

The likelihood of Argo fans travelling that far are slim to nil, and much greater for those supporting their opponents.

Even though the stadium announcer shouted the AAAAARRRRGOS chant over the PA, I heard a lot more cheering for the team of the green and yellow. It was reminiscent of the Bills series at Skydome, including the ridiculous attendance.

And it was a HOME game for the blew team??

I think the league should have made this a home game for the Alberta franchise or waited for one of the Calgary / Edmonton encounters or another WESTERN opponent. Perhaps, then, they would have gotten better attendance.

At the very least, schedule it at a neutral site, that's more equal in mileage and inconvenience for BOTH teams.

If they had planned this for the Tiger cats, I would be pissed!!!

Who thinks this stuff up???

Oh yes… the guy is a bum. Top receiver in the game, 7 receptions for 99 yards and scored a two-point conversion. Also contributed 60 yards on five punt returns.

Austin would poop his pants in glee if Owens wore a Ti-Cat uniform.

You failed to mention his fumble in that same game. He put the ball down deep in his own end.

Don't need his fumbling ways. We got Brandon Banks...much better!!!

and Ottawa has Chris Willams...........much much better!!!

Come on guys the drop the juvenile stuff :thdn:

Oh Seymour....did I mention that Owen's fumble led to a Eskimos touchdown.

Owens gives ...then takes away....