Edmonton at Calgary Labour Day Classic, Mon. Sept. 7, 4 pm

Eskimos vs. Stampeders
Mon 4PM ET / 1PM PT on TSN1, TSN3 and TSN5

The second LDC of the day ought to be another slobber knocker! I am looking forward to see how James Franklin fares against the Stamps defence!

Oski Wee Wee,


And now, it's game two of the doubleheader!

Go Schmoes!

Nah I’m cheering for Calgary but so far no one is gaining much ground - but then the Stamps don’t always get off to a fast start.

Hard to believe that the last time Edmonton beat Calgary in the regular season, Ricky Ray was still playing for them.

Are sure it was Ricky Ray and not Warren Moon?


Wellthe EE did have a couple of lean years there after Ricky left and couldn’t quite get the job done last year in spite of having a much improved team.

Calgary with a number of 2 and outs here - but overall a tight defensive game so far. 3-1 more than half way through the second says it all - sounds more like a baseball score :roll: Not that I mind good defense of course

It's 13-1 Stamps, third quarter. It is interesting to watch Eddie Steele switch positions for the Esks, moving from DT to OG. James Franklin is having difficulties navigating against Calgary DC Rich Stubler's D. Calgary is poised to win another LDC.

I get TSN 4 and 2 on my Rogers Cable plan (formerly Shaw Hamilton, formerly Mountain Cable). This game is listed as being on TSN 4 but it was bumped for tennis.


I just hope that they don't do this for any Ticat away game, because if they do I will likely have a stroke. I have tried to convince THE WIFE to switch to Bell Fibe as they carry all 5 TSN channels, but SHE doesn't like the idea of using untested technology - her words not mine.

I hope everyone else who is able to watch this game enjoys it. I just wish I was one.


Mike Reilly has returned as Edmonton’s pivot and his impact has already been felt. 13-7 Calgary now, 5:55 left.

Rain is starting to fall, temp has dropped below 10C, fall is in the air :thup:

16-9 Calgary, final.

Saw that there’s a frost advisory for Calgary tonight too. My daughter said that it has been “fall like temperatures” out there the past week.

That Hare (Rabbit) Though … WAS AWESOME

TiCat Replay listed at Midnight was also bumped for Soccer and im on Bell our game was listed as fallows Toronto Argonauts At Hamilton Tiger Cats Live From Alumni Stadium In Guelph LMFAO

and BTW have to record all listed feeds to make sure i get at least 1 right on Fibe

Yeah but I only have 2 feeds with Rogers so I have a 40% chance of getting it right. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: