Edmonton at BC ---> Championship Banner night at BC Place

Both teams should be fired up for this one. Expecting a good crowd in the Dome (32,000+) for the Lions home opener. I know I'll be there. Championship banner is being unveiled from our 06 Grey Cup, which I hope fires up the boys.

Who wins this one?

I think it will be rather close but I will predict the Lions win 27-23.

ah, i pity your naivety:
Eskimos 30-24

Ya, call me crazy for picking the defending Grey Cup Champs in their home opener against a team that finished in last place in 06 :roll:

Anyhow, I think the game will be close either way, but I can’t see the Lions losing this one. We’ll be much sharper than last week, that’s for sure.

don't worry I think he's thinking with his heart and not his brain.. because his brain would tell him that he's crazy for picking the Esks over B.C. in B.C.!

cause no man in his right MIND would pick the Esks over B.C. in Vancouver, that's just plain Ludicriousy!

I don't know... I'm picking the Esks... of course I'm a biased fan. :stuck_out_tongue:

i was thinking...

BC - 38
EE - 17

IMO i dont think EE has what is takes tonight to win :wink:

I think the Lions and their fans are in for a big surprise tonight. It will be close but I say the Esks win 28-26.

BC 28-24.

im sayyyyyiiiinnngggggg 38-29 esks

BC would've lost last week if Bishop would've played more of the game and (please, o god, let's hope) the Esks' defence's performance last week was an aberration


Well I look at it this way. The Lions are the team to beat. In their home park. I remember Wally in Calgary losing games like this one only because his team goes into it over confident. This could either be a blow out BC winning or a close game with the Eskies winning on the last play.

...or a close game with the eskimos running the clock down to nothing in the fourth quarter and then botching a game winning field goal....nah, do you think?...two years in a row?....

oh hell ya.. Esks can miss 2 in a row...

Really hoping for a big crowd tonight. Anyone have an update on the ticket count for tonight's game?

... as long as Geroy doesn't run for a 100 yard TD w/ the clock reading zeros...

Cameron Wake will get his first taste of BC Place

Gonna be a great atmosphere tonight. What a way to welcome the new boys into BC Place.

yah 32,000...lol....thats bad..i was emberrased we only had 32,000 at our home opener.

Will you be embarrassed after your team gets spanked tonight in front of a BC Place crowd louder than Commonwealth's?

I'm all for some friendly trash talking, but Jesus, give it a rest already... Week 2 isn't even over yet, but all I hear from you is how B.C. is the greatest. :roll: