Since CFL fans from all over CANADA are interested in this game , here is some pre game.....HYPE! :shock: :smiley:

The T.V. ratings should be huge and THE ARGOS are expecting a season high crowd. :smiley: :shock: :smiley:

It should be another classic. :shock: :smiley:

And at this sites HOME PAGE , their is an article about THANKS GIVING DAY game milestones. :smiley:

SEE U AT THE GAME, Hellothere

and if we win…the ARGOS should be second in your power rankings… :wink: :lol: :smiley:

they'll still be third, unfortunatly....montreal's been the hotter team in the last 5 weeks....it was #2 sask. vs #3 montreal ( winner took #2, which was montreal )

this is #4 argos vs #5 eskies for possesion of #3 spot....LETS GO ARRRRGGGOOOOS!!!

unless, BC manages a 3rd straight loss...then thats a different story

AND DONT forget we gotta bring canned-food for that purilator food drive!!!!

#4 v. #5 for #3 and #5…to see who could be #1 at season’s end…this is dumb…the only thing you should be concerned about d-god are the actual standings, not your perceived “power rankings”…

Esks by a boot…

This game could go either way.

EDMONTON , has the laws of averages on their side , plus a revenge factor.

They also want to prove that the HAMILTON game , was a fluke.

THE ARGOS , need to buck their trend of poor games after a long lay off.

But the ARGOS , should have their largest crowd and home field avantage.

Rarely does ALLEN , have 3 mediocure games in a row.

ARGOS , in OT. Now, I am off to the game.


The Riders are done in the west and we've struggled in the east all year so we better get that turned around after we crossover. First place Esks!

GREAT CALL :shock: …almost dead on…congrats on the win!!! :smiley: