Edmonton and Toronto a win and they are in

That may be easier said then done as both are on the road this week against teams that are tough to beat at home. Both SASK and MON have clinched playoff spots though. Montreal has clinched 1st in the East so will they rest Calvillo in this one and if so the ESKS know that a good back up can be tough to beat also. Edmonton will also be without Hugh Charles who they count on heavily for offense in rushing and recieving and LT Orrin Thompson also had to leave the game with an injury. As with the Lions the Als also have some depth on offense as the 3rd starting RB Jennings has not missed a beat but will they rest him also as not to risk injury.
The Riders have also already clinched a road playoff spot wheter its in the west or crossed over in the East but after losing a home game to a Montreal team that clinched the odds will be tough that the Riders lose two in a row at home.
With Winnipeg playing at Ivory Wynn at least one of the two will be out of the playoffs for sure.
Let the games begin as it is coming down to the wire for the last two playoff spots and yes even Winnipeg is very much alive but have a tall task ahead. It is hard enough to beat a team 3 times in one season but it will be on the road vs Hamilton at the last game at Ivory Wynn stadium at least for the regular season.

I could be wrong on my thoughts; Hamilton wins at home vs Winnipeg - Edmonton loses on the road vs Montreal.
Thus it comes down to the final regular season games; Calgary in Edmonton - Hamilton in Toronto.
Edmonton will know where they stand before their game.

if .. I mean when Edmonton loses to Montreal next week and if the Riders beat the Argos, the Riders get 3rd place and the Esks need to defeat the Stamps to get in and that's it.

Winnipeg can still get in if they can win both their games that remain.

Wow wouldn that be something if Winnipeg got into the playoffs. They have won 3 of their last 5 and Chad Simpson looked unstopable lately and Will ford steps in and the running game does not miss a beat. Both Pierce and Elliot have played decent elliot beat the Als and Brink has stepped in on the short yardage and releif role and has been productive.
Naw not going happen.... is it ?

Montreal is really beat-up with injuries. Will be interesting to see how much Calvillo plays (one half?). The Als already have first in the East locked up, no need for them to play guys who don’t need to because of minor injuries.

Toronto really doesn't need a win. However, that obviously gets them in.

Toronto can back into the playoffs with a Winnipeg win next week, as they hold the tiebreaker with Winnipeg.

Edmonton could lose their last two games.

They could also lose by less than 8 to Hamilton on the last day, and secure qualification that way, as they would then win on h2h point difference.

I would love to see them kick a field goal (or kick a punt through the endzone for that matter) on the last play when they're losing by 8 on the last play as a means of ensuring qualificaiton, especially if it somehow then screws Edmonton out of a crossover.

Also, if Edmonton wins next week, you may see a situation where Hamilton knowing they need to win by 8 may need to intentionally push the game into overtime (maybe intentionally conceding a safety to tie the game up for something). I am telling you some funny stuff is gonna happen on that last day.

There's no pressure for the Argos this week. They can lose to the Riders as long as they don't lose by more than a TD against Hamilton.

So with no pressure, will Milanovich open up the offence and try to take some shots beyond 4yds downfield?

Point differencial is meaningless. Simply put, Edmonton's magic number is one. One Edmonton point and they are in period. If Edmonton is tied with Winnipeg or Hamilton, the East team gets the berth, period.

I'm not so sure, Winnipeg has been playing significantly improved football lately. That game isn't a gimmie at all.

What do you mean no pressure, its huge on Milanovich, there isn't a coach in the CFL who wants the faith of his team to come down to the last game of the year against a team playing sudden deant.

Edmonton at Montreal and hosting Calgary

Barring Montreal really screwing it up at home, it will come down to the Battle of Alberta Royale, and I doubt Calgary will rest its starters.

Dare I say it, with their position secured Montreal could mail it in but why would they do so unless they were down 20 with less than half of the 4th quarter?

See the Crossover thread.

Its to Montreal's advantage to beat Edmonton. Edmonton getting eliminated really improves our draft picks.

If Edmonton wins, point differential is meaningful for the Toronto-Hamilton tiebreaker for second in the east.

Compare the spot Milanovich and Toronto is in with the spot Hamilton and Cortez is facing.

TiCats lose and their season is over. That's pressure.

Shaping up for an exciting final two weeks!