Edmonton almost out.

So now that the Esks don't have a playoff spot in the West, there last hope i believe is crossing into the East and taking Winnipegs spot. Either 1 win by Winnipeg or 1 loss by Edmonton results in no playoffs (as Winnipeg won the series) right?

They can still catch SSK
SSK has to win one more for them to eliminate EE.
Wpg has to win one more to eliminate EE

OR one more lose by EE will end their season.....Hopefully today!

And, arjoel....there is no "season series" stuff in crossovers.

Cmon you useless Eskis, beat the Argos today.

..piggy...i.m hoping the Esks. can pull one out(kinda doubt it)...it certainly would make for a very interesting finish in the east....cross-over or not.... :thup: :wink:

I know, its getting confusing who to cheer for from one game to the next, what a great finish this season is shaping up to be, other than BC and Hammer, the rest could finish anywhere.

I can't believe this...I'm rooting for Toronto to win... :o

Oh so in the event of a tie in points the team in the division automatically moves into the playoffs and the team trying to crossover is done?

The Eskies

have a very slight chance of doing it now. Like I said a month ago they are dead!

arjoel, if I remember correctly, for a team to cross over, they have to have more points than the third place team in the other division. So if there is a tie, the team in the division is in the playoffs.

My take on the intent is to say the crossover team is "better" than the 3rd place team in the other division.

42 and arjoel

That is correct. In order to crossover EE must have a better record than the team in the east. If they are tied with the same amount of points the EE is out. The games played against each other have no bearing here.

One more loss by the 'Smos to finally get rid of them.

Go Argos, Go!

....LOL LOL :lol: :lol: MY SON....THEY MUST JUST LOVE YOU IN ESKI-VILLE.... :lol: :lol:

maybe the fans in Edmonton know there dead :stuck_out_tongue: there is a lot of empty seats what i can see when they were intruducing the Eskimos :lol:

I'd say. Way to support your team. The fans know it, NO playoffs for the eskimos. Man that sounds Sweet :smiley:

i have a question about cross over. if in some really messed up way, say the 4th place team in the west would be 2nd in the east, would the west team get the home play off game?

I guess next time I go up there I better wear my vest!

The 4th place team, if it crosses over, always becomes the third place equivalent.

Stick a fork in them....

There're done!!!!!!!! :rockin: