Edmonton ad for Sept 26 game

Just heard on The SportsCage that the Eskimos have taken out an ad that states that Rider fans are "horrible human beings"

Anyone find a copy of this and could post a link?

I'd like to get a copy and send to my Rider family/friends living in Edmonton who are going to the Sept 26 game.

Should be worth a laugh.

Thx in advance.

Ya I heard it on the radio today.

I did a quick search and I couldn't find anything the only thing I found is the Rider billboard is up outside commonwealth Green is the new gold. Cheeky buggers aren't we? :smiley:

Thankfully they didn't say our green is the new your green :cowboy:

But seriously...I love the rivalry that the the Riders are doing by putting up the billboards, and I live that the Esks poked back, it is all good for business and hype, but "horrible human beings" is pretty offensive dependent on exactly how it was used.

Yeah fun is fun but if that is the exact wording I would be a bit surprised. Its one thing to have friendly rivalry another to carry quite that far.
I would like to see the billboard though if it does say that.

It is the exact wording, heard it today on the radio. I'm a Bleed-green Rider fan, and I thought it was still well done, with just the right touch of sarcasm. Nothing to get one's panties in a knot over.

Hmm still would like to get a link to it. As I say when doing a search for anything pertaining to it I come up with nothing.

Like I said...depending on exactly how it was used.
Seeing something in plain text print does not tell the tone, which is why I stated that.

It was a radio add. They played it several times on the green zone. You can here it on cjme green zone podcast for Sept 23.

Although the intention of the as was to be funny, I think the comment about being a "horrible human being" went too far. Really? This is what the marketing department of the Edmonton Eskimos comes up with? Absolutely brutal!

You think of genocide, holocaust, and all the horrible things done in human history... Decisions made by horrible human beings... All the murder that happens in the world done by horrible human beings...

So, I am not sure what their true intention was by stating that.

Absolutely Poor choice of words IMO.

To add to it, the "clever" marketing department of the Eskimos maybe should have come up with something like this,

"Everyone wants Gold! The Riders are just GREEN with envy that they don't have any!"

Regardless, it just shows that the people in charge of the Eskimos today, are not as classy as the people of the past.

[url=https://soundcloud.com/jack-fm-regina/edmonton-elkimol-on-laskatchewan-fans]https://soundcloud.com/jack-fm-regina/e ... hewan-fans[/url]


in context it is fine

I agree

Meh, I've got nothing against it. They did it to fill seats, and from what I heard on the Wolf after work, it's working. More Rider Fans at Commonwealth Friday is a good thing in my books.

Not terrible but still a bit slimy in my opinion. So now what Regina radio stations takes out an add saying Eskimo fans are the scum of the earth? Where does the line get drawn? ( scum buckets,rapitsts/ murderers? how about child molesters? ) Yes I know I doubt it would ever get to that point but again to slander a whole province as "horrible human beings" just because we cheer for our team for a "publicity stunt" is as I said slimy.
To me it is a bit in bad taste. If that is what you have to do to get fans to show up then that doesn't say much about the support you have for your team. Not a really intelligent or well thought out add campaign if you ask me.

Thx for the link depop.

Here's the link


It is fashionable for non-Rider CFL teams/ fans to insult us. Too bad our laws don't make Rider slurs a hate crime and the punishment is whipping/ caning