Edmonton +7 and the over/under

I like Edmonton tonight +7, they play BC pretty close, and most think because the banner is being raised today BC will smoke Edmonton.

I think there will be a lot of points tonight as well, and recommend over 53 for the total.

Last night Montreal lost all heading after a strong first quarter, and basically crumbled under defensive pressure. It didn't help matters the fumble in the endzone gave up 7 points, and the Als couldn't convert late turnovers into points.

While you can't pick all the winners all the time, I do well with handicapping the CFL.

Drummer God was talking about Proline and how poor it was that the game wasn't listed last night. As you can tell from my name, I own a sports and gambling website, we don't take bets, but talk sports and gambling.

There are many places to bet on the games without Proline, and the odds on Proline are very poor at best. Drummer check your private messages.

Good luck all, and fire away. Any questions I am not hard to find simply replace the _ with . and go to the forum.

Yeah no doubt on the less than stellar odds, but proline DID have the games, I have a ticket with all 4 games on it...

looks like you’re wrong.

Come on. This is hardly the time to throw in the towel. I'm sure a lot of people thought the Colts were done last year against NE until Peyton lead them to 18 second half points. :stuck_out_tongue:

I still had hope. I cant stand Peyton, but I absolutely despise Tom Brady.

I love Peyton!

But I'm thinking now you can throw the towel in... :frowning:

Well this certainly isn't what I envisoned. 6-6 turned quickly into 6-16. Now 6-23 to start the 4th.

While Ray has thrown for a lot of yards they haven't turned into anything.

Still a lot of time to go and stranger things has happened. One poster has made a point to post, looks like you're wrong.

If I end up being wrong, so be it. I am not afraid to post my selections and back them monetarily. It's a long season and a few losses early on isn't that big of a deal to me, been there done that. I bet on much more than the CFL, and I am very successful on what I do.

Follow along at the forum and you will see.

well ya blew it here! a little homerism in this one?

Should've set it at Edmonton +19.5

you're good at this...

I'm good at everything.

maybe you need to follow what's really happening in the CFL ..before posting odds.....picking underdogs are great.....but rarely pan out... :lol:

Picking an underdog is the only way to win big bucks with Proline. Either that, or picking tie games. The football games are ties if a team wins by 3 or less, if I remember that correctly. Proline and the Over/Under, are s-ucker bets anyway.

I just won Sports Action playing the point spread. Took three baseball games and two football, Winnipeg to cover -4.5 and BC to cover -6.5.

Sports Actions odds are not nearly as good as a bookee but I like supporting the BC Government and it's much easier to just make a small ticket and play.

Proline is better on the NFL I find. More games mean more upsets! And more ties!

wasn't talking to you but ok...