I would just like to congratulate the Edmonton Eskimos in advance on winning their 2nd and 3rd games of this season, seeing as how they will be playing this years Winnipeg Blue Bombers two weekends in a row.

well, now ya done it. you just guaranteed wpg at least one win out of those two games.

Peggers have got a bit of mo-mo now so they'll win at least one. The eskies are a truly awful and a very undisciplined football team....don't expect much out of them.

Always expect the unexpected. The Esks are due for some breaks.

no no, you got it wrong, the team is not undisciplined, its the coaches and management that is the problem, dontcha see, to quote an old fav tv character.

Consider grooving with a pict in a cave :lol:

Crazy as it sounds,if the B.B.'s can sweep both games they are suddenly back in the play-off race.If Montreal lose to the Lions this week and the next in Touchdown Atlantic,suddenly both teams will be sitting at 4-8,with 6 games to go.Realistically this season 5 or 6 wins could secure a play-off spot in the East Conference.

After last week, I don’t think these are a gimmie. The problem for Edmonton is that Winnipeg’s strongest area is their pass rush, which was back in top form last week. What’s Edmonton the absolute worst in the league at?

Defending the pass rush.

If Winnipeg’s front plays like they did last week, Reily will need to be scraped off the field. The offense will have to put something together still, and the secondary will have to play well enough to let the front get pressure.

Bottom line though: if the Bombers can get the pass rush going, they can win these games.

There are three key games for Winnipeg. These two because they are seen as the easiest wins, but also because wins would pretty much knock out any chance of Edmonton crossing over and potentially becoming a threat and distraction later. The third one is vs Montreal. If Winnipeg wins that game, they not only will be up one and hand Montreal a loss, but they win the tiebreaker, which is nearly as good as two games in some respects.

I have to agree that it likely won't be a cake walk for the Esks. Unless the Bombers are totally spent after their best game of the year vs. the formerly No.1 ranked team, they should have the ability to shut down the Esks offence. Then they just have to find a way to score more than 20 points.

It's tough for me to decide since both teams have so many losses, but the way Edmonton has been losing I have to think the Bombers at least have a good chance if they play at the top of their game.

I should probably add though, I'm expecting this series to split, much to the joy of the rest of the east division.

Before the Bomber Bandwagon gets too top heavy, don't foget that this is still a team that only played a half of football last week, zero first downs in the first half. They are also a team that lives and dies by defence. The Bombers got all the breaks last week and the Eskimos have had no breaks at all this year. Hopefully for the Eskimos sake, that trend turns this week.

Esks don't need any breaks.

if the Bombers Offense gets their act together, Esks are in for a long day.

I think this back to back will be fun games to watch.

And in the end despite the O showing up or only half a game they still won against the top team of the league. And as for them only playing a half, that's a valid point but if you look at the Esks this year most of their games they haven't been very good until the 4th quarter and you'll win even fewer games playing only a single quarter than playing a full half.

In all seriousness the home and home is shaping up to be quite the battle. Both teams need the wins desperately. The teams will pit relative strength vs strength (esks O vs bomber D) and weakness vs weakness (bomber O vs esk D). Both sides have been prone to penalties. Coaching staffs on both sides have had their issues as well. Should be an interesting couple of weeks.

Nothing against the ESKS or their many fans,but I'm rooting for the B.B.'s in this series,mostly for selfish reasons :twisted:
would love to see the B.B.'s tighten the collar on the AL's and make them sweat a bit about missing the play-offs finally.
Mtl has been the dominant force in the East for well over a decade,be nice to see them on the outside looking in come the play-offs for a change.The key game will be week 16 when the B.B's and AL's meet for the rubber match of their 3 game season series,realistically as I said earlier 5 or 6 wins will get you a play-off spot in the East this year.

Hating the Eskimos won't make it happen. As for if the Bombers Offense gets their act together, there is an old saying, "If my Aunt had cajones, she would have been my uncle."

There is another old saying, you wish for the Eskimos to lose, "Wish in one hand and crap in the other, see which one fills up first".

Excuse me if I don't want to shake hands. :cowboy:

Is there a saying about a collection of pylons passing for an O-Line and a rookie QB against arguably the best pass rush in the CFL? :rockin:

Despite all the B.B.'s woes and problems this year,when it comes to Q.B. sacks the Bombers are way out in front in that department.There is no arguing here,the Bombers have the best pass rush by far of any team this year.If they could just figure out their back 7 positions on D they could become a scary bunch indeed!!!!

I’ll come up with something by Saturday if needed. I have a feeling that I won’t need to. Durant had a bad game, maybe he just doesn’t like the coach any more. History has a habit of repeating. :cowboy: