EDM vs SSK Turkey and Beer!

Zack you can do it !!!

Pigpen!!! 1st down !!!

Zack the pocket passer sacked!

Water melon heads up by 3

Radar ears is all miked up ! He must be pissed!

Boyz looks like my post count is going to go through the roof ! Looks like you Boyz are all tired out from watching the No fun league yesterday and jumping back on to the leafs bandwagon ! We’re going to win the cup !!

Ok I started it somebody finish it ! Outta here! The silence is deafening!
Going to enjoy some CFL football and some quality family time cheers Boyz!

Frikin’ Gainey

I thought of checking here for a GDT - guess I should have! There aren’t always threads on here about games not involving the Ticats so I rarely check any more.

Nice to see Zach playing pretty well again - and winning - although that was more a product of the RR defense today.