EDM vs. BC pre-game discussion

I have pick EDMONTON to win …why start being right about B.C. losing , now…I am on a perfect losing streak. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Kanga, your smoking our illegal crops again.

As much as I'd really really like to beleive your last paragraph. It wouldn't happen and you could never agree how to play the game ( Eg, Who's rules) so thats bad to even tease us with that statement. All you'll end up doing is starting another NFL vs CFL debate that we had a month or so ago.

Now to rechannel back to topic. The hardest thing for me (After packing to leave for Edmonton with the wife tomorrow) Is cheering for BC Saturday night while picking Edmonton in Big Dave's pool. Sigh!

I know your heart is with the Lions Sportsmen. I'll be there cheering too. Row 3 somewhere on the 40 yd line.

The Esk's have the defense to shut down the Lions...
Will they show up..Yes..but they wiil show signs of desperation
Only to be handed a lost from there head coach..

Just having a little verbal diarrhea.

That's not that hard to do. Who really cares if you screw one pick in BigDave's pool. Cheer your guts out for your Lions and expect to be 3-1 in the pool.

I certainly don't wish to be perfect in the VGCC when I go against my Als..

I think the Eskimos will win 37-31. Ed Hervey is back most likely, and if it’s one thing the BC Lions don’t want right now is another deep threat against a hurting secondary. Eskimos have the potential to even win by more. I think it’s time for BC to lose, but I definately believe its going to be close. And if BC wins, I wouldn’t be sad. Afterall, they are 11-0.

The plan all along on Fleming was to leave him out a couple weeks and get his head right. He takes critism to heart and he said it affects him. He cares to much what other people think of him. So people at the game, don’t boo him if he misses his first field goal!! Can’t stress that enough!

Go Eskimos!!

We’ve lost our close games this year because of missed field goals. If Flemming is having a good game then our chances are real good.

I don't think this is going to BE a close game. The Lions have looked unstoppable, and I think Edmonton is on a moral low right now having lost close games back to back against their closest competition when they outplayed both.
38 - 24 BC.

Never count EDMONTON out at home........every season they have some tricks up there selves , near the end of the season.

Plus they have real home field advantage of knowing there grass conditions, huge advantage if weather is not favorable.

I Think the eskimos will win Because their D is better( though hurting with Jeanty, Charboneu, and Dixon out) and Ricky finally got out of his funk in the second half against Sask. I was sure in Sask that if the offense went for the TD in tat last drive they would have got it because Sask wasn't stopping us. I hope they try to run more but as Maccoccia said this week he counts the shovel pass as a run play. And the last ime we had such a bad game on special teams the next game tompkins had his best game. BC is a good team but I think their O line will cost them.

Well for our sake in Riderville I sure hope the Lions take this one.

Should be a barn burner either way....my crystal ball is broke, so lets hope it isnt a blowout

if the eskimos lose ( which i think they will ), they could fall to fourth in the west....imagine if THEY are the ones to cross over to the east?....they'd have to play montreal at the BIG O infront of 50 000, come playoff time.

Are you sure about that?

Easy on calling out another team’s o-line the way ours has been playin’, Huber.

Hervey's not playing tonight, just to let you guys know.

Yeah I saw that in the Edmonton Sun about Hervey. Eskimos chances to win would have been even higher with Hervey back this game.