EDM vs. BC pre-game discussion

I really do hope that the Eskimos can pull out of their two game losing streak; however, I dont think this will happen unless they can establish a consistent running game. Ed Hervey is supposedly ready to play this game after his injury, and im excited about this. As well, the media in Edmonton has reported that Fleming is going to be back kicking field goals for this weekend after Epstein's unimpressive display vs. saskatchewan.

Prediction: As much as i dont want it to happen...BC wins in a close game.

I hope Hervey is back. He’s a quality receiver and can make the big plays. Lions are hurtin in the secondary and the Esks have no running game so I’m thinking that if Ray is on his game, it’s gonna be tough for the Lions to pull this game out unless DD get outgun RR.

Lions are hurtin big time with the injuries in the secondary. However, Lions always respond to controversy and will win a close one on Saturday. However, I would not be shocked if the Eskies pulled it out. If they want any chance of catching the Lions, Saturday’s game is a must win for the Esks.

I don't like either team but it is a million dollar picture to see Macocia lose. Did you see him after the block in the Rider game. Priceless

that was kinda cool the blocked kick........can't really blame him............you don't see many of those happen................still damn cool

I think Edmonton will hand BC their first loss. (I hope I'm wrong...But its better to lose now than in the playoffs)

Sportsmen, I kind of get the same feeling. But being a diehard Lions fan, I still think we have a good chance of beating the Eskies. We're 11-0 for gods sake, even with our injuries It'd be hard to bet against us.

All I keep hearing in this thread is "injuries, injuries, injuries". "Let's make the excuses before we ACTUALLY need them so they're in our back pockets should we lose." If BC wins, they are simply the class of the CFL...and simply one of the best teams of all-time. If the Esks win perhaps they're not as "overrated" as some of you have suggested. Esks just need to protect the ball better, make plays when they need them(Phlegming) and eliminate mistakes. They certainly have the talent to win...

Don't need injuries and sickness as an excuse. Lions either win or lose.

Then perhaps it shouldn't be brought up so much if it's as irrelevant as you suggest....

It's just a statement that the secondary is hurting. Didn't say the Lions were gonna lose because of them. If Ray is on his game, wouldn't matter if our secondary was healthy or not.

Not if Phlegming misses another three field goals they're not...let's not forget, our kickers have cost us two ball games already this season.

I don't like either team, but with the Lions uncatchable, I want to Edmonton lose. However, my gut tells me that the Lions are due and with the Eskimos hurting, they will be dangerous. I call 15 point win for Eskies. But Go Lions!

Eski-Moses, isn't Epstein your place-kicker now?

Even if Ray is on, if the secondary is on, we will win. However, regardless of anything else, it will be a tight game, I’m sure.

Fleming is taking over all of the kicking duties now becuase Hervey is back the lineup.

I have a feeling Fleming is going to have a good game field-goal wise… and if not i think our kicking game is basically screwed the rest of the year.

Edm to me seems to be falling apart, they will be no match for BC.

You know, I think BC is so good, they could beat a few NFL teams (Teaxans,Browns,Cardinals,etc.)

I heard Fleming is doing all the kicking duties on the radio today....They didn't say if Epstein is hurt.

Could be a kickers NON-DUAL !!! Both teams kickers have been suspect this year.

Eski Moses, you wont get excuses from me. Back in the April- May posts where everyone made their predictions. I felt that the Esks and Lions would be battling for first. The only thing I felt the Esks were missing was a running back to replace Pringle.

The only thing that concerns me is our O-Line (Which has improved over the last 2 games) as early in the season, Dickenson was taking a pounding.