EDM signs F.A. QB Brett Smith

Smith has been in the CFL for a few years now, TOR, OTT SSK and now in EDM
He got a lot of starts for SSK when both Durant and Kevin Glenn went down with injuries in 2015
So as the 3rd string QB Smith finished the season having completed 142 of 224 pass attempts (63.4%) for 1,822 yards with 15 touchdowns and 9 interceptions.
In 2016 he was to be the SSK #2 QB behind Durant going into season but Jones Cut him after training camp.

Could this signing in EDM now open the door for a Franklin trade to SSK?

or could Reilly be the one moved due to his contract, age and health ?
only started all 18 games in 2013 his first season as a Eskimo, last year missed 1 start ?
Franklin younger, cheaper and potential to become a franchise QB ?
Cap issues ?

.....I doubt that Hervey will be in any hurry to deal with Jones.....he has no luv for this guy...I would think that other clubs would be interested and that might take till fa 18'...I'd be very surprised to see any deals of significance between Riders and Esks...Glenn will most likely be their starter in 17' with Bridge as back up

In the fall of 18', Franklin is a FA, Hervey gets nothing for him.
SSK would have to pay more because they are SSK and more because of how Jones left the ESK's last year.
Nothing that can't be overcome by SSK 1st pick, the MTL 2nd in 2018, Roosevelt and Josiah St John