hey guys,

didn't see a thread discussing this pivotal matchup between two excellent football clubs. Obviously, it's a huge game for both clubs. Ottawa is looking to show the league they are for real and challenge for 1st in the East, while Edmonton wants to keep pace with BC and silence its critics. Edmonton ran away with the game in Week 1, but I don't see that happening again. Here's my thoughts:

Keys for EDM- Contain Josephs running ability, the last game between these two at Frank Clair, he torched the eskimos with his feet. Limit Ranek as much as possible. Easier said than done against the league's 2nd leading rusher, but we shut him down in game one, we can do it again. On offence, EDM must establish the running game which will open up the pass and give Ricky sufficient time to pass.

Keys for OTT- The Gades defence must come to play and shut down the potent Edmonton offense (1st in the league in many offensive categories) in order to have an opportunity to win. I bet they have a had a look at the EDM/WPG film. Also, get Josh Ranek the ball as much as possible to test the Eskimos stellar run defence. The fans in Ottawa MUST show up for this one. If under 20, 000 show up, something is seriously wrong with that city's football fans.

Overall, this should be an excellent game, but I think it's time for the mighty Esks to burst the bubble in our nation's capital.

You're right that this is a pretty big game for both teams. If the Eskimos run away with it, they will re-establish themselves as one of the league's best teams. If the 'Gades can pull it out, it could be a major swing for the team and the organization - provided we don't get pounded by injuries the rest of the way.

I'm also hoping we get a crowd of around 20K.

I always find it funny when Edmonton fans speak poorly of Ottawa football fans. Your team hasn't missed the playoffs in 25 years! The Riders/Renegades have not only been terrible, but also terribly run for the last 25 years! Yet, through it all, Ottawa fans have continued to show up. Sure, the numbers haven't always been great, but they haven't been terrible either.

Put yourselves in our shoes before you pass judgment. Would you show up 30-35K strong for two-and-a-half decades if your team was crappy and hopeless? Doubtful.

Prediction: OTT 31 - EDM 28

And to add to your last comment gades1979, Lonnie's expectations are realistically set at 18,000 per game. He's actually quite happy with the fans. I really think they should blackout the games locally. Then you'll see the crowds get bigger.
Ottawa is not only "Hockey Country", it's quite the football town as many an outsider fails to know or acknowledge.

Go Rens Go!!

I'm expecting this to be a close match!

The key for Ottawa is to rattle Ray early. If they do that, Ray will have difficulty finding his rhythm.

The only thing I'm worried about is Ottawa's fatigue level. They may still be a little tired and worn after Saturday's game.

Go Gades!!!

Just a couple things. Fair point made on the attendance issue. You may be right about what would happen in Edmonton if the situation were reversed, but we will never know because the franchises have gone in two distinctly different directions.

As far as the game goes, I don’t see it as a pivotal matchup for either team. I think those start to come by labor day and after. The Esks could get blown out and still make the playoffs and win the Grey Cup. The same is true for Ottawa. To say either team establishes or re-establishes themselves as one of the leagues top teams is a little dramatic in my view.

Don’t get me wrong. I would love to see the Esks win the rest of the way and dominate teams like we did in the 80’s. I cannot see that happening though. At the end of the year all most fans around here are worried about is being in the playoffs and having a solid team that can win the Grey Cup.

I believe we are close to that now and that fact alone should establish us as one of the top teams in the league. Ottawa should feel very positive about their season so far and I’m sure no longer look at the Esks as a just a measuring stick. We are now just another opponent and that’s a great step forward for the franchise in just a few games this season.


Gades 29
Eskes 27

Gameplans made easy:

For Edmonton: Leave a defensive end and a linebacker in QB spy mode all night.

For Ottawa: Unleash Anthony Collier so he can sit on Ricky Ray's facemask all evening.

Oh... by the way:


Actually, they should take a page from Winnipegs book, and drop 8 men back to cover 6 recievers, giving Ray lots of trouble, and make Edmonton rely too much on thier Runningbacks.

If they can keep Ray frustrated all night, Ottawa can win this one

These are my reasons why the Esks will win:

Defence- Esks have giving up 3 td's this year, lead the cfl in sacks, lead the cfl in points allowed, lead the cfl in average points per game ( amazing 11), lead the cfl in lowest average offence per game ( under 200 yards ) Esks D has some serious impact players, Montford, Jeanty, Scott, Gass, Frank, Sanchez ( if he is playing this week ) Wiltshire, Brady, Mobley. I don't think the gades O can contend with this.

Ricky Ray and the O- They certainly had a offnight and did not play well at all, infact we never play particularly well against the bombers, always close games , look at the last game of the regular season last year. but you can't take anything away from Ray because of a offnight, he is a smart player and knows how to bounce back. Same goes for the vets in the receiving core. Esks O is superior to the Gades. Scored 41 points last game versus the Gades.

Tompkins has developed into a good upcoming kick returner and should have another great game.

Gades- They have a few players you need to shutdown to be successful, Ranek will find it very hard to run against the best D in the CFL, and the gades o-line couldnt handle the pressure in the first game at all and gave Joseph no time in the pocket.The Only players id be worried about is Armstead and Joseph when he gets out of the pocket. Keep Joseph in the pocket, pressure him and watch out for armstead. I don't see the Esks D having any trouble with this.

The gades have a good team, but are overmatched imo. This will look like opening day all over again.

Go Esks Go

Couldn't agree less, GoEsksGo.

Did you notice that Armstead had a mostly terrible game last week (dropped TD, fumbled punt return)? EDM will have a lot more than him to worry about at the WR position. How about Yo Murphy (2 TDs last week) and Frank Cutolo (4 catches last week)?

As for all your "1st in this category, 1st in that category", you do recall that you have beaten a bad OTT team in Week 1 and WPG twice for your 3 wins, don't you? Not exactly the class of the league...

It is obvious to anyone paying attention that these 'Gades are much improved on both sides of the ball from the performance they showed in Week 1. We did beat MTL and gave BC a good scare before beating CAL last week, you know. Plus, we don't have to worry as much about one-sided officiating, since the game is in Ottawa. Oh, you don't remember that fumble that went uncalled and the subsequent TD catch that was actually dropped? Well, I do.

Don't kid yourself. This should be a close one.

Lets go Ottawa!!!

I will not be able to see the game tonight though, but my heart is with Ottawa! 8)

As you said, That BAD ottawa team in week one, is the same BAD ottawa team this week, Sure ok you can have that call, the game was 41-16 for god sakes, you think that call made much of a difference, you said it yourself ottawa is bad, not exactly class of the league!!! nice excuses about the refs, cry me a river, you have some good recievers, but the Esks D is superior by far. You tell me not to use the stats against the weaker teams? you played Calgary last week!! a 4-14 team. Buddy, you gades fans think now that your .500 ( big deal ) you will be the next eastern champs. Get off cloud 9. The Esks will show you just where you guys sit. in the Eastern conference basement.


Actually, what was said was that Ottawa WAS bad - and I agree. They looked pretty junky in their first game. I also think they've improved greatly since then, regardless of who they played. If they were that bad, they'd have lost. Give it up - don't count ANY team out, and give credit where it's due. The Rens are surprising people all over, and good on them for doing it.

Shhhhh i do like the gades there my second favorite team! They are a very good club and i have tons of respect, it's just their playing my Esks this week! I do agree it won't be any blowout or anything like that, and from all the teams they could be playing ottawa is the most unpredictable, i dont like that! lol. just rattling the chains a bit.


Ottawa should change its name back to the Roughriders

Edmonton 67- Ottawa 3

Good Luck