Gable hasn't missed a beat so far! Molson stadium looks have empty?!

What we get for Gable again peanuts and popcorn !

Yup CJ is looking good and getting a lot of love from the commentators too. :wink: ::slight_smile: Aside from that initial fumble (hard for ANYONE to hang on getting hit like that in pouring rain) he's been tearing it up a bit along with Zylstra.

Everybody knew Gable was a good player. But he's a free agent at the end of the year anyway, and the Cats were looking to shed some salary cap. With the emergence of Green, they had to choose one of them to sit anyway, so they kept the guy who will still be under contract next year.

Green didn’t look too shabby on Friday either. A good deal all round, with the futures the deciding factor?

Close game so far ! 23 :21 EDM ! At 11:30 in the 3rd
Still Remember when Troy Davis went to Eskie land like yesturday I just had to watch and still a bit sad over this trade ! Gable good luck !?


Cap space to make team better?

True. While we still don't know who the neg list players are, there's a chance they'll be making contributions for the Ticats long after CJ is out of the league. Green did a good job in the 'Peg - no problem with handing the ball off to him although I'll still be cheering for Gable (as long as he's not playing against us.

A little surprised that the larks are looking as strong as they have been and staying in the game. Just took the lead again. Of course they're highly motivated - win or they're out.

This is turning out to be a great close game go EDM !

26:24 EDM


Yup - Time for someone to put the dirty birds out of their misery and the Ticats don't play them for another couple of weeks! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Our replacement RB got 97 yards against a tough D and we got a W.
Why be bitter over the trade of our soon to be FA ex RB?

Not bitter just hope we get a good signing out of this deal like a National OL lineman at least as CJ is not chop liver !

Had to wonder why Reilly took so long to get that play off and took a time count. Not a smart move and they end up with NO points on the board. Waters not able to make the 54 yarder. Maybe we shouldn't be too sad that he isn't available. Of course we haven't seen how well our new kicker is going to fare.

Deal if I recall correctly was for 2 neg list players which are usually international players but there seems to be a sense that the neg list players are OL though.

You can't run cap space out of town...

Willy picked off! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

They said that Reilly and Moss have the most penalty yards for time count violations !?

Sure hope the ALS don't get this win as we had those two close games and couldn't get it done !


Reilly out and Franklin in - who doesn't look too impressive as he goes 2 and out. Reilly injured?? There may have been a reason he took that time count penalty.

Better for us if Montreal wins, no? We have to beat Montreal at least once to make the playoffs, and that loss would officially knock them out anyway, so a win for them tonight is entirely inconsequential.

On the other hand, if Edmonton flops, we could still come in 3rd and avoid the cross-over.

Agreed. The birds have looked pretty good under Willy vs the Eskies. Seems incomprehensible that Hamilton lost to the EE twice - especially since that first game at THF was well played by the Ticats until the last couple of minutes.