EDM @ MTL Oct. 10

The unit that needs to step up in this game IMO is the defense. John White shredded Winnipeg on the ground and Reilly can obviously get it done through the air. I haven't been particularly impressed with Thorpe's playcalling of late. We lost the time of possession battle to a Toronto team in disarray playing its backup QB. Edmonton is not going to turn the ball over five times and they will try to ram White down our (ranked last against the run) defense.

If the defense can man up, we have a legitimate chance at winning this game. Edmonton's defense has looked porous frequently this year and I have confidence in Chapdelaine to figure out a way to attack Benevides, with whom he coached in BC. I think there are points for our offense to post up. But we won't have a chance if we fall behind early via long, clock-chewing EDM drives that keep our offense cold and on the bench.

Any team that runs the ball the way Edmonton does is going to be a problem for a 3-4 defense. Especially as the game wears on.

Maybe Kenny Stafford can be relevant again.

We're terrible against the run no matter who's facing us. Whitaker went over 100 yards on us on Sunday. We can avoid getting worn down by getting off the field quickly, and by the offense consistently putting up points.

Nobody is unstoppable. Edmonton has beaten this year and there is no reason we can't do the same if Thorpe sacks up. Run-blitzing would help. So would bringing more pressure.

So might some extra beef on the DL other than in short yardage; but any even semi-regular 4-man DL may need a roster change.

CFLPA should push for allowing the full 46 man roster to dress for games. Even a couple more would help the product. Likely to be minimum, or near minimum, salary guys so it could be done without significant financial hardship, and improve the game itself by allowing more flexibility and fewer starters on ST.

Yep, and this is where I hate the decision to go 3-4 and to cut Martin. We now have no flexibility in our defensive front, because Martin is gone and Klassen is on the IR for the rest of the season. I get that they want to find a place for both Hebert and Venable and in a 4-3 one of them would have to be a situational player, but we're having serious issues with our pass pressure, even with all the twisting and stunting, in addition to our problems in run defense.

Next year, if I were the head coach, I would force the DC -- whether it's Thorpe or someone else -- to run a 4-3 alignment with Klassen fighting it out with a bunch of recruits for that other DT position alongside Cash.

Now that the defensive backfield is fixed, Popp or his replacement can look at the defensive line in the off season.

Yes, and lost in the kerfuffle is the excellent job Popp did bringing in young talent to revamp 3/5 of our secondary in a single year. Mincy, Taylor, and Henderson seem to be entrenched as starters, and Davis has performed well too.

Defensive backs have always been his strenght scouting.

Agreed. Nobody's talking about Dominique Ellis or Mitchell White anymore. :wink:

Or at least stock the roster to be able to mix it up; which may be what you meant.

This game will be one of 3 broadcasts this weekend with live mics. The other games doing this are the Redblacks/Riders and Lions/Bombers. Only the starting QB and HC will have the live mics.

Stamps and Ti-Cats participated already, so maybe this is a way for the league to even things out. Argos might have lucked out.

Sure, but I'm actually not a big fan of the 3-4 in the CFL. It rarely works as a consistent front IMO. I know the thinking is that this is a pass-first league so who cares if you concede the run. But with defenses lining up a yard off the ball and the wider field, you are going to get killed on the ground more often than not, because you simply won't generate enough pressure at the line to get to the running back before he's rolled ahead for 5-7 yards on most plays. That fourth player, instead of being a 280 lbs. tackle who can push the pocket and beat his block, is a 250 lbs. tweener linebacker/DE who is going to get washed out of the play if the other team is running the ball well.

News/injury update on Tyrell Sutton?


From Joey Alfieri:

Jacques Chapdelaine says Tyrell Sutton will not play against the Eskimos.

Who is playing running back then? Just before the Argo game, Brandon Rutley was placed on the 6-game injured list

Edit: Rutley is coming off the Injured List and will take Sutton's place at RB.

Huge hit to our chances of winning this game. :frowning:

Whatever his talents as a receiver, Rutley is garbage as an actual straight-line RB. This will just make it easier for Edmonton to key in on our passing game.

Rutley not a north/south RB like Sutton, but that`s how A.C. was using him.

Rutley quicker, more elusive than Sutton, and it will be interesting to see if Chapdelaine can game-plan to his strengths.

Rutley never sheds a tackle, ever. He may be slightly quicker than Sutton but that quickness doesn't amount to jack when he's stopped for a loss because he won't lower his shoulders and drive forward, or because he's dancing in the hole instead of hitting it hard.

Best Chap can do is use him more on the swing passes in space, but even that, if we're not running the ball, those plays are going to be snuffed out for big losses more often than not.

From Herb Zurkowsky:

Veteran DB Billy Parker, who has missed seven games with a groin injury, wasn’t at practice Thursday. “He’s in a situation right now where he’s not going to be activated,? Chapdelaine said. “He’s working through some things before he comes back. At some point, he may be back. We have to iron a few things out.? Neither GM Jim Popp nor assistant GM Joey Abrams responded to text messages seeking clarification of Parker’s status.

[url=http://montrealgazette.com/sports/football/cfl/montreal-alouettes/alouettes-o-line-tries-to-limit-rakeem-catos-hits]http://montrealgazette.com/sports/footb ... catos-hits[/url]

Edit: Zurkowsky posted that from what he has heard, Parker wants out.

He's not interested in being a backup. I can't blame him. Guys like him are real hard to find in this league.