EDM @ MTL 2019-11-10 (Eastern Semifinal)

Win or lose, this season has been a blessing. But IMO any time you host a playoff game, you should be upset if you don’t win that game. This is absolutely a game we can and should win. I’m not taking Edmonton for granted, just going on how each team has performed this year. The keys will be to take away Harris’s bread-and-butter pass plays, and call a balanced game on offense so that Edmonton’s back eight can’t cheat up to the line of scrimmage without being exposed over top. They’ve got a great D-line, but an average secondary. We need to exploit that.

Agreed that their D line is good but the secondary less so. Such being the case, I expect that Jones will have a pass-happy offensive game plan coming in. And I’d hope for more plays called to move VA out of the pocket; their D line is strong and we don’t have Washington at tackle so they will be getting pressure.

Yes, absolutely. Vernon is at his most dangerous when defenses have to respect his ability to throw on the run, especially by design, right or left, as he sees the defensive front. Make that Edmonton D-line play sideline to sideline in chase mode. Tire them out to open up the middle of the field for sluggos and deep ins. Then pound Stanback at them. Lather, rinse, repeat. :wink:

Hopefully Jones does not forget about his two RB’s Stanback and Johnson.

The Edmonton Eskimos may not have top defensive backs, but I do know that they rank first in passing yards allowed in 2019,i.e. 223.0 yards per game. The Alouettes, who have very good defensive backs, when all healthy, rank last in passing yards allowed in 2019,i.e. 316.1 yards per game.

In terms of QB sacks, the Eskimos have 56 compared to 27 for the Alouettes. The Eskimos allowed only 25 sacks to 38 for the Alouettes.

For me, the keys to this game will be the offensive and defensive lines.

Won’t be surprised if the Alouettes do lose, but definitely hoping for a win.


The Esks are 3-6 on the road, and the Als 6-3 at home. Cautiously optimistic!

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The Esks are so undisciplined and that could haunt them. There are a few guys who will be trying to take out VA so I see a fee Roughing calls.

The other weakness they seemingly have is a lack of team speed.

Home crowd could be a factor. I give Montreal a 7 point advantage on that front made up from fans as well as the Montreal nightlife.

I don’t expect many sack opps for Montreal as Harris gets the ball out in 2.8 seconds often so LB and creative d-line play is essential.

Madjack may go nuts here but 3 man fronts joined by a LB might be common with a lot initial of press coverage giving way to zone.

I think Als win by 4 or more late.

We handled Edmonton just fine in our last meeting. Not saying it’s a given this week but we should have absolute confidence that we can execute an effective game plan to beat them. Yeah, they’ve got a ferocious front four, but that’s all the more reason to stay balanced in offensive playcalling so they can’t tee off on our O-line. Let our O-line get out in space and throw blocks, be the hammer not the nail. As soon as their linebackers start loading the box, we’ve got the potential to throw the ball deep in single coverage.

The goal of any defense is to take out the opposing teams starter. VA has been taking some devastating hits a lot this season, with a little bit of play acting thats worked out in our favor. I was glad that Khari opted to pull him last game, even though VA was shooting for 4000 yds. The Redblacks defense was guilty was some cheap shots on more than a few plays last week.

Trevor Harris does have one of the quicker releases in the game, Hopefully he’s a little rusty from his layoff. Nothing like live reps, which he didn’t get a lot of after coming back. I was a little surprised that he didn’t get at least a quarter or two last week. maybe they realize he wasn’t as ready to return as soon as they had hoped, and thats why they kept him out. I’d also like to see the creativity you speak of include a DB or two, as well as the LBing corp, in our blitz packages.

If Jason Maas is smart, he’ll have his team in a hotel away from the Montreal nightlife. A few of KJs college teammates, including myself, will be enjoying the City Life before and hopefully after the game. And yes, a seven point victory would be nice, but 17 would be better… “Just Win Baby” is the theme for the day. Have to break out my winter gear, or buy some new stuff… it was 86 degrees in Florida yesterday on the beach, but I still can’t wait to experience some good ole Montreal hospitality… Go Als

I agree with you here, as I recalled our last game against them them as well. I understand their LBs loading the box to try to stop our run game, or even blitzing a LBer on occasion. To explain your observation a step further, thats a good point, as their LBers loading the box requires the Safety to fill in which ever LBis in the box, thus the Safety can’t help out on the deep ball. I had to think about that for a second, but I finally got your point… Hopefully VA can avoid the pressure with his legs long enough to allow that deep route to happen.

At this point of the season where it is lose and done, I would hope the nightlife here in Mtl (or anywhere for that matter) is not an issue before a game.

J Tea, if the long range forecast holds true, you may want to opt for a good ol pair of long underwear over the printed swim wear you may be wearing right now down south.

Thanks Tony… believe me, I will be heavily layered for four or five days at least… lol. Nothing personal, but I try to avoid anything north of Atlanta in the winter.

It is “rumoured” … although I have heard this from sources I trust … that before the 1977 “Ice Bowl” Grey Cup a group of (g)Als fans had several of the Espies out partying VERY late … I think at this time of year it is more a concern with the visiting team than the guys who have had the option all season.

imo its always a concern with the visiting team when coming to a great night life city.

Countless stories, many documented, many witnessed over the years.

Put a 23 year old kid with a big appetite for life, a few bucks and it spells curfew often.

I lived in D/T Van for years and it’s a real issue. Talk to Vegas residents about their hockey run last year. I have a place down there, bought when prices floored, and you sure saw it first hand there.
Made for a few good payouts at the cashier counters.

Anyway, not saying it will occur, but I have little trust in this version of the Esks. Got a high goofball quotient about them. But they are a very dangerous opponent.

“It’s too early to speculate on possible roster changes, although boundary cornerback Tommie Campbell is expected to return after missing two games. Linebacker Chris Ackie was on the field Monday and, while he didn’t practise extensively, should return from his ankle injury, Jones said. Receiver DeVier Posey remains questionable, but Quan Bray did participate. Fellow receiver Jake Wieneke has a lower-body issue, but should be fine by Sunday, Jones added.”

Interesting. If Posey can’t go, do they dress the rookie Absher, who played very well last game, or turn to the veteran Matthews, who hasn’t been a factor since the miracle comeback against Winnipeg?

I vote Absher … Matthews only seems to be motivated when he is the centre of attention … Absher is a bit shorter (6’3" vs 6’5") and quite a bit lighter (180 vs 230) … but I suspect he is quicker … plus he has a potential future with the Als … only question is whether he can handle playoff pressure … never know until they try him


The home crowd will definitely be a factor, everything goes right now, I’m sure fans will have innovative ways of amplifying the noise. You probably could detonate a mini-nuke and nobody would bat an eye. The fun is back and let them enjoy the moment is the theme of the day.