EDM Jones and OTT Campbell finalists for Coach of year

Both good picks, IMHO Campbell should win

Because of the Handshake and National Anthem thing, I really don't think Jones should rep
I wonder if Jones will shake hands with Campbell if he wins it? :wink:

A year ago fans were calling for Campbell to be fired, turned out all he needed were some tools and a good OC

Indeed. And Burris traded. Can you imagine? That would have been a total Rough Riders move to make. A lot of those fans will “forget” ever saying that now, of course.

I gather Campbell will receive the honour due to circumstance. Much like Henry seems to get a little extra credit due to his age, Campbell will be given the “2nd-year team” bonus and take this thing home.

Well-deserved. He’s low-key, but players seem to love him.

I was one of those fans that didn't believe Burris had much left in the tank, I'll freely admit it. What Burris did last year was keep the team together in spite of how other players made him look. He short hopped a lot of passes, dealt with a new O-line in front of him, receivers that couldn't catch balls with a fishing net, and the biggest problem, Coach Gibson who never seemed to figure the offence out.

I know people were wanting to see Coach Campbell booted, I was not one of them, I had faith in him and he deserved another year. Marcel Desjardins and Brock Sunderland went out and found the people, not just receivers, they added a couple of good O-line players to the roster, got them Bryan Chiu to coach them, got Jason Maas to work with the offence and the QB's. Picked up some depth on defence.

Coach of the year isn't just a one person award, it requires a team of coaches and a team of players. Coach Campbell just gets to take the hardware home. He would be the first person to thank everyone for the honour.

what if neither coach goes to the cup?

Seems to be too early to nominate someone for this award when the most important game of the years still hasn't been played.

Valid point. If, and I know it's a long shot, Hamilton manages to beat Ottawa, and advances to the Grey Cup and wins it, all with a 4th string QB, wouldn't Austin then be deserving of at least consideration?

Well, now that Jones are Campbell are the only two left the nominations make sense.

Hopefully OTT can bring home Lord Grey's mug, and Campbell can be named COY with zero doubt.

What an exciting season for Ottawa!

You're right that they might as well wait to determine the nominees though. Don't they only select the winner in February or something anyway?