EDM has no chance VS BC

Much like the Bombers EDM, has no chance beating the Lions. Ray will choke like he always does. Plus the rest of the country hates watching EDM play. No one wants to see EDM in the CUP. Their team is boring, their fans are boring and their city is boring. Now the Cat's/Lions Grey Cup should be a great one

Nonsense. . . and since you posted this in the Edmonton forums, you are a troll.

Incorrect. . . in the CFL, especially this season, any team has a chance of beating any other team. . .

Nonsense. I personally happen to prefer watching good defences as opposed to watching high-powered offences, so I have particularly enjoyed watching Stubler's defence this season.

I would enjoy seeing them in the Cup; as I said I like watching their defence.

No, wrong again.

Not being especially an Edmonton fan, and never having been to the city (yet) I shall refrain from any response to this.

And your a giant douchebag.

You know, I was tempted to nuke this since trolling is against the rules (you might wanna brush up on those), but I think I'll take a page out of red's book and leave it up, and let the masses ridicule you, because anyone who posts this kind of nonsense deserves to be ridiculed. So have at 'im, guys!

I suggest you could/may/and do have P.U.D.D.; Diagnosis is as follows- Personal Upside Down Disorder = No cure...ect.

i thought I was bad??

Nobody has that monopoly.

We must win the turnover battle. If we do that I think with Howard Peach Williams Davis and Sherritt in the game Lulay will have little time to find a receiver. I expect BC will try a lot of Running and Check down routes with a liberal helping of Interceptions :lol: . Esks by 7

Although I agree Edmonton need to win turnovers to have a chance, both teams are strong in takeaways/giveaways. Lulay is one of the best in allowing few interceptions. The pressure that matters the most is on the field. Here BC has a higher probability of pressuring Ray. Edmonton offensive line is worst in allowing sacks but BC defense is 2nd best in sacks while BC offensive line is best in fewest sacks allowed.

Oh I see,you can't come on and say a team sucks. This is the one issue I have with other CFL fans. It's a let's all hold hands and sing kum-by-ya. Listen, I love the CFL and my Team (Argos), but i have a really healthy hate on for some of the other CFL teams. I want my team to win and kick the hell out of their opponent, and I hate the Eskimos. Yes, i'm bitter cauz my team sucks right now, but i hope and pray you guys lose.

You can go on the main site and dump on any team you like. The team sites are meant for supporters of that team. It is not that difficult.

Read the rules, it really isn't rocket science.

You can say a team sucks. . . in the CFL threads, in your team's threads. . . just not in their team's threads.

Got it?

Please give it a rest, but i will go to the main page then

You'll be missed in here. :stuck_out_tongue:

An Argo fan says our team is boring???
There's more fans in the washroom lineup at an Esks game than you get at your home games in total.

:D Good one! :D