EDM @ HAM July 1: Pregame discussion

Depth chart is out:

Depth-Chart-Roster-07-01-22.pdf (ticats.ca)

Who here predicted Wes Hills as starting RB?


Could be Don Jackson actually IS hurt/injured.


Cats are just the 3rd team to play, this year, with only 2 QBs dressed and this is the first game with both teams doing it. The Elks dressed 2 in 2 of their previous 3 games and the Roughriders haven't, yet, dressed 3.

Hills is healthy . Hills and Thomas Erlington might suggest that the running game is a possibility . 2 QBs dressed so let's keep them clean ! The D looks like last week's . Sp teams add Garand- Gauthier and Feltmate .
I got a good feeling about this game , of course I have a good feeling every game .

the elderly dude


EDM depth:
ELKS-Depth-vs-HAM.pdf (ticats.ca)

Who here predicted Tre Ford as the starting QB?

And how many starting QB jobs has Arbuckle lost since leaving CAL?

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Disappointing to see Wilder off the roster. I thought a full game against that blowhard might have been just the medicine Simoni needs to return to top form.

I see an article suggesting Wilder has a shoulder issue, but I'm going to mark it down as PTSD.


Something strange -- Wilder is listed on the Elks' Game Day Active Roste, as one of 45 players dressing, but he's not on the depth chart. ???
On the chart, they show #43 Makonzo as a back-up @ WLB, while he's listed on both the Active Roster and the 1-game injured list. ???

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Perhaps Wilder has drunk from the healing waters of Hamilton Harbour . That could explain Wilder's presence or absence . :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Pat Lynch (the aged one)


For those that are smarter than I on game day roster construction why did we choose to go with 2 QBs instead of 3?

I just watched a Mike Vick special on NFL Network . Here's hoping Tre Ford is not the Canadian version of Vick for this game only . :slightly_smiling_face:

I had forgotten just how accurate Vick was . The running ability will never be forgotten .

He was placed on 6 game IR today

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Anyone know where I can find how some people post the depth chart that has both off and def on same one where I can find those?

It has defence and then line in the middle and then offence on the bottom?

Elks dressed all three QBs in the last two games just #3 was listed as a slotback. With Jones you always have to read the fine print.

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Elks are missing their rb and mlb and starting an oua qb.should be a serious blowout

Click on the image makes it clearer

Appreciate this posting of the depth chart as the one that is almost all grey is VERY hard to read, even when I clicked on it to make the image bigger. I found the black print on the grey jersey was just not very visible - too small or something.

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They can choose to dress another Canadian (or I assume another Global player) in place of a third quarterback. The move is just for added depth on the roster. I wouldn't be surprised if the 'Cats decided to dress only 2 QB's for the rest of the year.

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Wes Hills can move people. He may not have breakaway speed or a lot of open field moves but he doesn’t go down easily. Can only help with the running game and keep
us out of second and long. And should be able to convert on those 2nd and 3 situations we seem to struggle with.