Edm@Ham Contacting the kicker

As requested.
This is a close one.
Did Setta have his foot down?
Was the defender blocked into him?
I would love to know what Jake said when Setta was on the ground


The defender was contacted while making the block attempt but not "pushed" into the kicker, and it did seem that Setta had put both feet on the ground by the time the EE player got there...

But throw the flag. Give a contacting the kicker penalty. Setta got steam rolled after the punt was clearly away. He is in a vunerable position and the contact was excessive. It's not roughing, he could not have "eased off", but the defender put himself in that position and should be penalized.

But if the hardline is that the pentalty is called only while the kicker has one foot off the ground then punt block teams should keep killing the kicker "by accident."

btw where's the "Major Foul... tackling the QB..." video topic for the piling on Marcus Brady?

Is that sarcasm or a request?

Just a bit of sarcasm.

I'd do 'em too but I can't figure my betamax either.:smiley:

But really I do appreciate the video reviews. They're fun. They remind me of the old "You Make the Call" on Monday Night Football.

No Prob,
The reason I asked is because I don't remember any play that could have been called piling on.

Being fun is why I post them.

It does appear Setta got his foot down before the hit--just.
But the contacting/roughing the kicker penalties are there to protect the player while in an extra vulnerable position.
There was nothing preventing the ref from tossing a flag on the ordinary fact that was a late hit that could easily have injured the player.

As 81 points out, if they don't call that, it will become open season on kickers.

But then we get back to the same problem, not enough flags…too many flags.

No, I think it is back to the real problem--consistancy.
I am reasonably certain later in the game, Hamilton takes a roughing or contacting penalty where the kicker is barely touched.
The play barely touching the kicker is called, the one where he is nearly killed is not--and it is the same ref making the judgement on both plays. And his only responsibility on those plays is to watch for contact...
I hope I am not being unfair here, but I have visions that it was either Jake the Snake or Bud the Pud--either way it was a lousy call....

Maybe the refs figured they owed Edmonton one or two or three.

Seriously though, I agree the rag should have been tossed.

You are contradicting yourself here. You are saying that he Just barely got his foot down.....and it was a late hit.

If you cant hit him when his foot is in the air, and its a late hit when his foot is down......you just made him untouchable.