EDM, CGY, SSK in trade talks with Hamilton about Holmes

Esks not alone in bid for Holmes Vicki Hall and Sean Fitz-gerald, CanWest News Service
Published: Saturday, September 16, 2006

Eskimos have competition in the quest for Hamilton tailback Corey Holmes.

The Calgary Stampeders and Saskatchewan Roughriders are also involved in trade talks with the Tiger-Cats involving the talented running back/receiver/kick returner.

Holmes, 31, was voted the CFL's outstanding player last season in the West Division. He's so versatile and such a good character in the locker-room that he could put any team over the hump in the quest for the Grey Cup.

But two problems remain. The first is he's out with a sprained MCL. He could be back as early as next week, but knee injuries are never that predictable.

The second problem, or challenge, is that Holmes is eligible for free agency in February. He's asking in excess of $200,000 a year in the first season of the CFL's salary cap era.

So, in effect, Holmes is a high-risk rental player for the playoff run. And it's a risk Edmonton head coach Danny Maciocia is not sure he's ready to make.

"I don't know what the details of his injury are," Maciocia said. "I don't know if we're looking at one game or one month.

"But, if it's an extended period of time, it's hard for us to say we're going to mortgage what we've got for maybe three or four games not knowing what he's going to do next year. He's going to be able to test the free-agent market, so how much do you want to invest?"

The CFL trade deadline is next Tuesday and Holmes is expected to have a new CFL address by then.

"I'm quite happy with the guys we've got," Maciocia said. "But that doesn't necessarily mean if it's Corey Holmes or anyone else that we won't listen."

Holmes could help the Esks in several facets of the game. He would give them a legitimate running alternative to the traditional Troy Davis, who likes to bull his way through the trenches. Holmes is more of a scatback and a definite threat catching the ball out of the backfield.

He could also help on returns as Tony Tompkins has yet to score a major this year, although many of his big returns have been called back on penalties.


There is optimism the CFL's board of governors will finally establish a dollar figure for its attempt at a salary cap during a meeting later this month in Hamilton, a move that would offer relief for general managers who have been forced to guess the projected figure while planning for next season.

Under terms of the system put in place earlier this year, teams are expected to adhere to a $3.8-million limit this season as a dry run for next season, when stiff financial penalties will be imposed on rule-breakers. But the limit for next season has not yet been set.

"I'm hopeful that whatever it is, it will be set at the board of governors meeting," Eskimos president Rick LeLacheur said Friday. "As long as we have it by the end of September -- that we make a decision -- we're fine."

The league's governors will convene in Hamilton during the Hall of Fame's induction week, which begins on Sept. 27. Some executives contacted this week seemed to believe the new figure would be less than $4.5-million per team.

"The sooner we can get a number and be able to give it to guys ... the better (they're) able to plan for 2007 and beyond," Hamilton Tiger-Cats chief operating officer Rob Katz said.


Hamilton running back Jesse Lumsden is not expected to play tonight. Head coach Ron Lancaster says the local product has not had sufficient time to learn the offence after an unsuccessful tryout with the Washington Redskins.

I think he wants back in the Flatlands... The green and white is slimming on him :lol:

Why would Calgary want an aging Cory Holmes?
Wes Cates and Reynolds here does not make since to me! The only place he would play is special teams and that lots of money for that!

I expect Holmes to go back to the Roughriders. It seems a perfect fit for him.

I would bet he ends up in Hamilton! :lol:

he is a free agent at the end of the yr and he will be back is SSK next yr w00t w00t

Well in Edmonton's case unfortunately the Eskimos won't be making the playoffs this year so Holmes will be a non-playoff factor there. That would be going from basement to basement.

Cut Dorsey and make room here. Come back to Riderville Holmes we need you x_x

How could he come back to the Riders? I thought the league had ruled players could not be traded back for a year?

Seems to me that in making a new rule to deal with an odd problem, more problems have been created? Or is this another of these weird cfl rules that come and go? Like what is the Salary Cap this week? or what is the no yards rule this week?

That would means Holmes can't come back until next season, sad. I didn't know about that rule at all. Anyone care to give a source or explanation about this rule?

Dan Comiskey, who was traded to Hamilton at the start of the season,
was traded back to Edmonton during their drive to the Grey Cup.

He was traded along with O-lineman Tim Bakker
and a little guy named Troy Davis.*

This trade drastically improved their O-line and running game.

  • It was looked on as a one-sided trade.

Hamilton only got 2 back up DBs and Brock Ralph, I believe.

Well one of those so-called backup DBs is Tay Cody, and I think he's one of the best in the league now.......

he won’t go to the Esks… he doesn’t want to become a traitor to all those Roughriders fans…

so forget it Eskimos, Holmes ain’t comin your way!

WOOT WOOT.. Holmes is HOME!!

Hamilton is Corey's Home

So far, you win, Nostradamus.

Well now that the Cats signed him to three years they just move Ranek! Or keep him around until the Ottawa draft is available. Premature thinking that he will be traded! He can not be traded back to the Riders so green boys do not get your hopes up! Thanks to the new rule created from that quetionable trade of last year.