EDM at Tiger-Cats 2022 PBP Thread

I am hoping for a win. Edmonton has looked horrible so far, with a rookie Canadian QB listed as the starter on their depth chart.

While some may not like the idea of a "must win" game, this has the feelings of one. I am expecting MUCH better ball security from Dane and the RBs/WRs, I am expecting GOOD coaching decisions (clock management, situational awareness (ie: take the points), etc), and I expect progress on the same errors that have plagued the team all year (third-quarter shutouts, fourth-quarter slumps).

My opinion is that if they lose, then there should be people losing their jobs. Be them players, coaches, or front office types, if you're not performing, you should be on the way out.

Am I the only one who's not exactly excited for this game?

I also expect a Ticat win tonight, and expect a significant firing if they lose.

When a team blows a huge lead like the Ticats did against Calgary, that is 100% a coaching blunder. Washington and Condell have to get their act together. Whoever blows it again will be walking the plank.


Seen rookie/backup QB light up the Cats way too many times to be too optimistic

@Mark - are you there and can you give me a wind report?

Watching the pre game and flags are flapping. Might favor the Elks with Castillo.

The ones on Stegall's head were going left-to-right, if that maters.

Apparently the team is going to honour Dave Stala at half-time.
You would think this would have been mentioned sometime this week...


Honour Dave Stala with a Hackee Sack football display? Kick it out of the park again?
Oskee wee wee

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Just arrived. Currently a steady light breeze maybe 15 km with the Catd at field level.

Hope I don't need to nap tonight.

But, from what direction?

WITH the Cats.... toward the north.

If you throw a screen pass, shouldn't there be a screen set up?

Did we win the coin toss?
Did we defer?
Did we lose and EDM defer?
Starting with the ball and with the wind doesn't seem to be a good decision, IMHO...

One would think...

We lost the toss, I believe.

My wife is so tired that she just realized it was the CATS in grey.

Wow - anyone know the ruling on an Illegal Block penalty in the end-zone while conceding a Safety?

We might get the ball back on EDM's side of the field...

CLEARLY low on fans today. Lots of open seats and endzone and concourses not packed.

Penalty declined.

First non-COVID non-sellout?

TSN didn't say a word