Edm at Ham Predictions

Predict the Score!

I wound up with an unexpected day off work today so I will be taking my 2 year old down to the stadium to watch practice and enjoy the warm October weather!

The Ticats have a chance to sweep Edmonton and go an impressive 8-2 against the west this year.

I’m feeling good about this one, I think the crowd will help propel the Ticats to a big win heading into their bye week.

Ham - 42

Edm - 17

Play 60 minutes
Limit penalties and turnovers

Uh oh, just saw we have climbed to the pinnacle of the power rankings, should be an exciting day over on that thread…They’ve certainly earned the respect so many have been crying for.

Nope, they haven’t earned anything until they bring us home the Cup.

Would like to see us end this game early though & I think the team will be playing for the crowd and with the sight of the '99 GC winners to inspire them.

It would be nice to use the last game against the Argos to get Moore some game reps. That being said, maybe give Evans the first half so we can still beat their a$$es! ;D

Another 300+ yd passing game by this years Tiger Cat hero and MVP, Dane Evans.

I’ll take 3 kicks at the cat. (No animals were injured preparing this prediction)

Cats - 34 Esks - 23
Cats - 33 Esks - 22
Cats - 32 Esks - 21

all predictions +/- five points.

Completely agree with you about GC; however I am enjoying the ride to the Grey Cup.

Hamilton 35

Edmonton 29.

We ended Bombers home winning streak last week; hoping same doesnt happen to us.

Ticats in a blowout

36 -6

Hayden Moore gets to come in for the 4th qtr to mop up

Maas get fired at half-time and Gerbear comes down from the stands and takes over the Esks

How could any Ticat fan not enjoy this ride?

;D ;D Lmao

Oh Grover, you are a clever and funny man . :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I look at the Cat - Esk games like Labour Day with the Argos . Crush the Esks ! Crush Maas !

Winning 8 out of 10 games against the west would be a clear message to all but “Suits” , of course.

Pat Lynch ( Cats 28 - Maasites 10 )

Cats win.

Best team in the country takes this one, ::slight_smile: score depending how hard they what to play. ;D

I think it will be a hard close game with the Cats winning by less than 7

“Will Steinauer have trouble keeping this team focused ?” will be making the media rounds any day now.

Steinhauer knows he has won nothing yet. Team will be focused and ready.
We had some blowouts at the beginning of the season, wonder if we will start another blowout streak…?

My predictions typically suck, so I decided to run an ELO (3DownNation):

Cats: a number between 7 and 42*
Esks: a number between 6 and 41

* depending on how many beers are sold at TH field on Friday.

So you’re saying it could be 41-7 Eskimos? ;D

Trust in ELO, my son… ?

Electric Light Orchestra? ;D

LOL! Yes, them too!

Don’t bring me down.

Well done professor! But you forgot the “no,no,no,no”