Edm AT Cgy

Should the Eskies just pack it in, and mail the Stamps the 2 points?

Is anyone out there really thinking they stand a chance?

Isn't that what everyone was saying about the Riders?!?

Any team has a chance any day!

Actually, no. Any Bomber fan who didn't start cheering for the team just this year could tell you that they just seem to have our number on that day. Records aside, many (inculding myself) were very nervous about that game.
Now Edmonton going into Calgary.....do they have a history of winning that game? Does any Edmonton team have a history of beating a Calgary team for that matter? :stuck_out_tongue:

All it takes is 1 to create history

Don't get me wrong, I don't think Edmonton will win this game... but I answered your question is all.... they DO in fact have a chance

This is the attitude that the Esks hope is seeping into the Stamps dressing room.


i hope its a repeat of last year

Anything can happen!!, the Stamps should win this game, "should". Just ask the Bombers about "should"

GO STAMPS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well, back in the past, the Stamps had a history of dropping both games.

there wasn't much of a classic as you pretty much could see an Esks victory even before the kickoff.

Now that being said, the Stamps will not lose this game. Esks are just not as good as their 5-3 record indicates.

(btw, they should be 4-4, the refs stole that Toronto game)

GO STAMPS GO!! :cowboy:

haha.. Kaholdo has been benched! :lol:

That's so last week, dude. :wink:

what is? the nickname? he's had that for years..

Him being benched. It was already announced. You're tardy to the party with your laughter. :wink:

Kabongo benching was announced a week ago. 8)

I thought, and I read that his job was up for grabs. I didn't know he actually was benched!

You are right about truth on that.

what? EMPTY SEATS?? :x

what's wrong with the Calgary fans?

Thanks, David. :smiley: