Editing Posts to this Site

I just finished entering the post regarding the decision of retaining Henry Burris as QB. After entering the post,
I realized that I had misspelled a word and that my computer (with a mind of its own), had not spaced my lines as
I typed them.

Upon editing my post ONCE, I was told I could no longer edit this post and my original post is showing.

I can't imagine what the moderators are thinking when they pull stunts like this. Truly unfair.

at any rate, I apologize for my poorly written post, but assure you, it would have been a lot better if it weren't
for some over zealous moderator.

No apology needed, Rocky. We've all faced the same problem. I've had to go back and fix my over exuberant typing many times.

I added a post just a few minutes ago and managed to edit it at least twice. I think they do put a time limit on it, though.

Thanks, Old Fan. It encourages me to know that I'm not alone in this. :thup:

I've edited posts before too. I'm not quite sure how it works re time limits, number of times editing, etc. I know I have edited a post more than once though. But it does seem like once someone reads your post you can't edit it afterwards.

I believe you can edit a post as many times as you wish if done during the time limit allowed (7 min?) and as long as there are no replies.

if this is inaccurate, do not hesitate to correct me.

Based on my experience using this forum, I think you have it right.

Some good points here. In retrospect, I may have gone over the allotted time limit if I
stopped to take a phone call or whatever.

Thanks guys.