Edited out of the press conference video?

Anyone who was present at today's presser know what got edited out of Coach O's answer to a question about "validation of the culture"? At 1:09:50, there's a sudden splice in the video.

Shocked to hear it went that long. But it turns out the actual event started 50 minutes in.

This is the entire media conference, unedited as of the time I'm posting the link.
What you missed, safetyblitz, is about 90 secs. starting at the 18:40 mark here:


Thank you @ottawacat .
I believe Orlondo asked to have that portion of the press conference edited because he doesn't want to get into trouble with his media coach. During that ~90s stretch, Orlondo must have inserted the words "Y'know" about 30 times.

Coach O is not in mid-season form; he is usually a lot more polished than that at the podium!! But to his credit, I did not hear him utter a single "Umm" .

Thanks for the link. I'm guessing someone in the org didn't like the implied negativity of the subsequent question that compared the arrival of Bo to the arrival of Maas, Printers, Manziel. I thought Coach O responded to that perfectly.