** edited ** BREAKING NEWS- stamps vs esks game delayed

storm in the area, and the game will be cancelled.

Sunday football possibly. Now we can watch the Oilers game 6. I heard that there is a chance the game can start at 8:30 local.

Snow storm?

Latest news is that the storm is slowing down, and may just miss McMahon. Apparently the Eskimos have refused to take pre game warmum unless the start time is pushed back.


WTF? Play the game boys!!!

Hugh Campbell probably bought that storm and had it delivered to McMahon Stadium.

the game isnt cancelled…mcmhaon dont spread stupid rumours

GAme is delayed 30 minutes

.....McMahon you are the most useless deliverer of news....cancelled game?!....seriously, did you make that one up on the fly?.....if you don't like the Calgary weather, hang around, it'll change in 30 minutes.....