Does this guy not get it! Is he this moronic! Kanga translate to this dude will you! :lol:


:lol: Do you know what we want is for you to be invisible! Like outta here! :lol:


Mods, cleanup Aisle 7 Shouldn't this be in other leagues forum?

Kanga, you really need to pm this guy about the Action Point, don't leave out any details!

Regardless if this thread is moved to its appropriate place in the "Other Leagues" forum, if this guy keeps on pestering "mod Red" with these assinine ideas, I can see these two re-enacting that seen from "The Deer Hunter":

"Digi-mao! Digi-mao!" :roll:

what is he talking about now? doesn't he know the IRFU is now the East Division, and should stay that way becase their is no such thing as "Rugby Football" anymore?

I did, didn't lissen, so I suggest that we ignore him like he did my Action Point, cuz he seems to be doing a lame attempt to hynoties us.

Deer Advenger was pretty sweet!



this is really getting old.

I think the CFL we have now is better, and I also think your on drugs.

Kanga, I would have thought you and this guy would hit it off well. You want to change every rule in the book, and he wants to change game days, number of games etc, etc,

every rule in the book? now I'm starting to think your on drugs as well sport!

Well You want to move the goal posts.(Rule 1) You want to change scoring. (Rule 3) You want to change kicking (Rule 5) You want to change Straight Arms (Rule 6)

That is half of the rules! :wink: :wink: :wink:

(I know, I know, each rule has about 12-15 sections in them)

  1. dead
  2. becase I want to be rid of the kick convert, yes
  3. expain that for me please, cuz I think that's the same as 3
  4. yeah, cuz their dumb.

still mate, that's not every rule in the book, did I agree with Earl about changing to 4 or 5 downs, or did I stick with everyone and say keep 3 downs?



....in my opinion this is the stupidest thing I have ever heard on this forum.....even KKs propose rule changes make more sense than this bullcrap....RKoyama11 go back to tending your flocks, your ideas here are nonsense and a waste of bandwidth......

....I mean, what is the point?....splitting the current league into two separate leagues that get together for one final game of the year is DE-evolution, not an improvement...stupid stupid stupid.....