Edit - Don Jackson departs, and Ticat running backs discussion

Cats r/b Don Jackson has left the Cats for greener pastures.Actually looks like he,s left Canada and doesn,t want to come back.

Thanks…. What is the source of this news?

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always best to provide a legit source when you report player related moves before they’ve been formally announced.

Undoubtedly a great guy.

I wish him huge success in his next endeavour.

Take good care Don!


Wondering about that, too, I checked twitter:


It's time to move on to my next chapter. Thank you Hamilton! Thank you Calgary! Thank you Canada! I appreciate the love and support over the years and I am grateful for every single person I connected with. Peace and love ❤️

Opps! Apologies to GridironGirl. I checked twitter and posted the above, without looking for any posts added while I was, momentarily, away.

I don't know what I did as I didn't piss him off and he went and blocked me on twitter.. I didnt even send out spam or anything lol.

On his Twitter
Also i,m hearing that Van Zeyl is not 100%,he always seems to be injured,,he,s getting up there in age,,maybe he should just call it a day,,

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Agreed. That was a classy farewell that he posted.


Here's a couple of RBs to consider along with Hills and Thomas-Erlington . Free agents : Fletcher, Walter RB A 5'9 202 26 Ball State

Ouellette, AJ RB A 5'9 208 27 Ohio

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Really good hip-hop artist as well and very well spoken.
Seemed like a devoted father as well.
I hope he found a great opportunity.


Yeah time to move on there either way.

Don seems like a class act. Best of luck to him.

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With so much ugliness on social media this is good to see.

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:sunglasses: If the Cats were smart, they would sign AJ Ouellette ASAP !!!


And once we all agree on that, we could work on including the player's name when a thread is started about a specific player.


A.J. Ouellette would be a great addition.


when OP wrote "he,s left Canada and doesn,t want to come back"
I thought he was pissed..he is not pissed.


If the Cats were smart. Hmmmmmmmm


It took the club a little longer (about an hour), than Don, to announce his release, today.

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Just wondering with the neg starting on Sunday if any contracts will be leaked even though they cant officially sign them until February 14th