Edge.ca Poll -- Cast your vote!!

Hey folks -- since it's my life-long assignment to obnoxiously promote the CFL wherever possible, I'm looking for your help.
The guys on the Dean Blundell Show (morning show on the Edge) sure don't mind bashing the CFL -- though, pretty sure Dean's a bit of a fan. Anyway, click this link and and on the far right-hand side you'll see "Dean's Poll".

Basically, it just asks what you'll be watching now that the World Cup is over. Let's help our hated rivals out with their media presence/ acceptance and cast your vote!


Ah soccer is the easy thing to "love" on air I'm sure since there are so many immigrant types in Toronto who love the sport so yeah, he could be a CFL fan perhaps but it's politically easier to just promote soccer a lot and bash gridiron, or at the least the CFL, again easier to do this and win all those soccer nuts over many of whom probably will never really "get" what the Argos and CFL is.

I sort of expect the bashing to be honest from many in Toronto who have to huddle up with the rounders and not get on their bad side, they can be nasty those people. :wink:

Ha, so I just voted for the Argos. Can't believe how many people would rather do nothing until hockey starts.

I love hockey but don't get into it until football season is officially over and that's with the Super Bowl for me.

I voted Double Blue. Thanks for posting that link!

Can’t vote for anything to do with the blue team. :wink: :wink:

I hope nobody votes Argos so then the Argo players will feel no one cares about the team and they won't be motivated to win. We could very well need every bit of help to get a better record them this year, honestly. :slight_smile: :o

Sweet! Higher than the Jays...mission accomplished. Thanks!