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We have been there before

The Redblacks are in just their second year of existence and have 19 players on their 46-man roster who will be playing in their first-ever post-season game. Hamilton has just four.

3 times a charm!


From Coach Reinebold

Jeff Reinebold
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TSN play-by-play: Rod Black and Duane Forde with Matthew Scianitti. :expressionless:

Referee: Al Bradbury :expressionless:

The weather forecast: Partly cloudy, 5 degrees C, winds out of the southwest at 25 km/h.

[url=http://3downnation.com/2015/11/20/the-ticats-have-re-discovered-their-mojo/]http://3downnation.com/2015/11/20/the-t ... heir-mojo/[/url]

Not entirely happy with Bradbury as head ref. He did the last game that we played in Ottawa where there was the VERY iffy OPI called on Underwood that wiped out an excellent completion and killed a drive if I remember correctly - not that he was necessarily the one who tossed the flag on that play. Guess it will depend on who else is on the crew but according to a tweet that I saw earlier from Fender Guy, Hamilton has had 15% more flags and 23% more yds in penalties with Bradbury as ref compared to other officials! :thdn:

BTW just saw a tweet that the team is flying via charter to Ottawa tomorrow morning. Last time they took the train. This gives them an extra night at home in their own beds, :thup:

Not an extra night, but likely a couple, to a few, extra hours, before they travel. The extra night at home, they get by flying, will be post game. Of course, that will give them some extra time, at home, to pack for the flight to Winnipeg on Tuesday.

Henry flapping his yap some more! :cowboy:

#RedBlacks Henry Burris revisits Ti-Cats' Simoni Lawrence low hit: "The hit was what it was ... (It) was dirty and it will always be dirty."

#Redblacks QB Henry Burris on facing #Ticats: “I was the face of that stadium when they were selling it and I never got to play there.?

#Redblacks QB Henry Burris on how long he’ll play: “A birdie said the Grey Cup is coming here in 2017. That would be quite a swan song? #CFL

Henry Burris......MOP ? ....IT SHOULD BE Most Outstanding Crybaby :cry: Smilin' Hank ? more like Blubberin' Hank if ya ask me !!!!! :lol: :rockin: :cowboy:

Matthew Scianitti ?@TSNScianitti 48s49 seconds ago
Burris admits last 2 Gs vs #Ticats his departure from HAM motivated him. Now? "I want a #GreyCup 4the people who sacrifice 4me" #REDBLACKS

That's right Henry, ITS ALL ABOUT YOU!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

[b]head coach Kent Austin said Sinkfield just isn’t healthy enough to play.

“He didn’t respond the way we were hoping and anticipating throughout the week. He didn’t really get over the hump,? Austin said. “It was pretty prevalent yesterday watching him practice and analyzing the film afterwards. He wasn’t going to be able to be as effective as we need him to be.?

“There was the possibility of losing him again and then we’d have depth issues and ratio issues. It just didn’t make any sense to push it.?

Kealoha Pilares will make his first career CFL start in place of Sinkfield. Signed to the practice roster in September, Pilares (teammates call him K.P.) has nonetheless developed a rapport with quarterback Jeremiah Masoli: the two frequently spent time getting in extra on-field work after practice (including after Friday’s session.)[/b]

TiCat fans cheered Hank the Skank all season long until half time at THF when he decided to slag one of the best Linebackers in the CFL now non of us have any respect for him boo hoo hoo baby Burris

In his 4th season as a CFL head coach, Austin is coaching in his 4th division final tomorrow

The big day is here!! :rockin:

Defence - 14 Points
Specials - 14 Points
Offence - 17 Points

TiCats Win - 45-6 :thup:
Henry throws a hissy fit post game and declares the win by the TiCats as a "dirty win" :cry:

The sun is breaking nicely through the clouds over Ottawa now and the weather update is calling for a game time temp. of +3, feeling like -3, with wind from the west (favouring the the team on the left of the TV screen) @ 32 km/hr, gusting up to 50. Only a 20% chance of rain drops or flurries. The turning point in this game could be the coin toss.

Money Medlock will be calling the coin toss! :thup:
The high gusting winds will play in our favour with the Masoli/Gable read option offence and the fact that
Medlock is a better kicker than Milo :thup:

Our Defence has been there many times before, They will be ready

What Luke Tasker says about Masoli

I could only dream of such a game...please don't wake me up!!

we deserve it we been here before weve had are struggles with injuries but were a team and as fans were a unit LETS GO BOYS LETS GO :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

15 minutes into the TSN telecast & I'm already sick of hearing Burris' name. Here's hoping the Cats shut both him & the rest of the Ottawa Sillynames up today!!

come on Cats don't want to get upset on a Sunday. Lets bring our A game and we can win this. No sense saying what we need to do to win this as I'm sure the team knows what is needed to do this. :rockin:

Cat fans is Fantuz not getting open anymore as we never hardly ever use him anymore? With his catching ability you would think him and Tasker would be a must if our offensive game plan.

It's windy there. The team that wins the coin toss will have an edge.

Well they don't target him as much anymore, having moved him outside from SB

He also can't get open any more.