EDF on U.S. television.

Hello Cats fans!

I am away this weekend in Phoenix and was quite concerned about where I could watch the game live and in HD. TSN has quite good technology that doesn’t allow streaming outside of Canada if you sign in to the network with your TV subscription credentials.

For TiCats fans away in the U.S. of A…

Alas… ESPNews network has the game on live and in HD. The western division final will be on another network - ESPN2.

You should be able to hear me screaming our Cats on to victory from Arizona.

Enjoy the game!

Tigers eat ‘em raw!!

ESPN has carried most if not all the games this year. My daughter had moved to Alabama a few years ago and has watched most of the games this year. I’ve got her a ticket to the Grey Cup and will be meeting her there. Oskee Wee Wee!

Direct TV in Florida. Channel 207

I’m in Tucson, Arizona ? I’ve been a Ticat fan for 41 years so I’m a diehard fan. I just wish I could be at the EDF at THF.

You are correct. The EDF will be shown in the US on ESPN2. I believe that the Grey Cup will be on ESPN2 and ESPN news.

I’ve been watching the regular season games on ESPN+

It’s been a real pleasure watching this team. Hopefully the Ticats can win 2 more games to make this one of the greatest Ticat’s team in history.

If they win the next two games, they will be THE greatest team in Ticat history.

(I will be 64 years old next month and have seen a lot of Ticat football. In my opinion this, so far, has been the GREATEST team (a la Muhammad Ali)).

Yes, you may be right ???

I’m in Williamsburg Va. ( College of William and Mary ) I have ESPN2 at the condo, and they are showing auto racing.

Please an HELP or suggestions would be appreciated.

It’s on ESPNews

Thanks…listening to 1150 am on my phone as I don’t have ESPN News here on the TV.

Go Cats.

I got a free trial on Hulu just so I could get ESPNews for this game.

Go Cats!!!

As luck would have it?.. I will get to watch the western final at 4 on ESPN2. Hopefully they will show some highlights from the east final… and a Ticat Win?

Can watch highlights on TSN.ca.