EDF Game Thread - Goodness vs. Evil Incarnate (HAM vs TOR)

Eastern Final
Hamilton Tiger-Cats at Toronto Argonauts
Sunday at Noon et/9am pt

The biggest game of the year is almost here. I can't wait!!!


Oski Wee Wee,


The TSN.ca EDF preview page is at http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/feature/?id=108513 . Enjoy!

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More on Marwan Hage being poised to play in his first East final tomorrow, having missed the 2011 East final due to injury.


Thanks Oski,

Unfortunately Ill be on the road to Dawson Creek tomorrow but Ill try my best to catch the EF from a boston pizza in Lloydminster!!

Oskie Wa WA!! :rockin:

Hey Russ, are you going to be at the game?

Out of the country and can't download the Depth Chart, for some unknown reason, on my iPad. Would appreciate anyone posting, for me, what, if any, changes there are from the semi-final.

Hey ottawacat....Only two changes to the 46-man roster, OT Dile and DB Webb are in while LB Harris and WR Charbonneau-Campeau are out. 26 imports listed while 20 non-imports are listed meaning 4 imports will be sitting this one out. Anything can happen, but I believe the game day roster will be the same as last week which means that Dile, Tasker, Walker and Webb will probably be the players sitting this one out.

Thanks mighty pope. From what I've read, here and elsewhere, I agree with you're prediction that the same 42 will dress.

This feels like Christmas Eve to me, except I won't be able to open my presents until the afternoon. 8)

You may say he smokes. We say they suck.




Nope, I'll be here in Montreal enjoying it in HD. :slight_smile: Plus, with all the Rob Ford Argo pics available, this thread could use me. :wink:

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Defend fine art along Ontario highways!
Thanks Jim for the earlier post. :smiley:

Had my nutritious breakfast for today:



A game preview article for you all at http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=436831 . :slight_smile:

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Very proud of our young team , Austin is a great coach and we have to give him credit for taking this organization and turning it around no matter what happands today we have lots to look forward to new stadium and a healthy franchise in the right direction having the same team next year a FEW changes is also a blessing this team is growing , Ottawa despersal draft could throw in a wrinkle ! But overall very happy ticat fan here .


Okay this is important so I will only say it twice - once here and once on The Scratching Post. I’m pretty sure the first sentence is not too original, but the second will be (I think). “If you aim for mediocrity, you achieve mediocrity. Aim for the Moon Cats. Eat 'em Raw”.

In a 4 team division where 3 teams make the playoffs reaching the final and losing (sorry for using the ‘l’ word) is a mediocre result. I want (as my signature says) for them to win their next two. This will be a successful season. cats99, with the best of intentions I’m sure, indicates he is happy with reaching the finals. Hopefully the players aren’t.

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